Review: Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Facial Wash

While I may only be in my early twenties, looking after my skin as much as I can is something that’s important to me. So despite my Mum insisting I don’t need “age resisting” or “anti-ageing” products yet, I still enjoy trying them out, since you can’t exactly make yourself look younger. While looking young is something of a iffy topic of its own, I’ll address that another day perhaps. And one product I’ve enjoyed trying out is the Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Facial Wash, and since it’s almost empty, I figured I would review it. You can find this in Boots and Superdrug, normally for £4.99 although it can be on offer at times.

First of all, Simple is very well-known for having products that are great for sensitive skin. Their products boast having lots of beneficial ingredients without perfume and colours that can aggravate skin. If you’ve read even one skincare review of mine, I will most likely have mentioned that my skin can be mildly sensitive. So Simple is a brand I like to keep in mind. With this product, Simple boasts the use of green tea, which is known for being very healthy and detoxifying – particularly when consumed as a drink.

The packaging is reasonably simple: a white tube with small green and grey floral detail (reminds me of stalks of long grass). Of course, it has the brand name on the top, while also having the logo “smile, it’s simple” towards the bottom near the cap. I personally don’t love or hate the packaging. It’s simple and clean – which matches what the brand claims to stand for, so in that respect I think the design is effective. The tube itself isn’t too big so it can be used for travelling, although I would suggest squeezing some of it into a travel sized bottl instead. From my experience, I haven’t had any unfortunate leaks in my suitcase on the few occasions I’ve travelled with it.

This is a gel-based product, which is great for my oily skin. Gel products in most cases don’t clog my pores, so this was on of the factors that convinced me to pick this one up. The gel is semi-thick in consistency, but spreads nicely over wet skin. I use this only when I have a bath, so cleansing my skin with the product and washing it off is very easy, and helps avoid any residue in my hairline. Cause that sucks.

It does a reasonably good job of cleansing the skin. I never feel like any excess makeup (though I take my makeup off before I get in the bath anyway) or grubbiness is left on the skin after I’ve used this product. I like that it’s not too difficult to wash off either, which can one of the difficulties with using gel-based cleansers. My skin always feel very smooth after I use this cleanser, without that squeaky over-cleansed feeling that I don’t like. What’s even better is that I can thoroughly clean my skin without any nasty redness or irritation.

Would I buy this product again? I certainly would. It doesn’t irritate my skin and  my skin feels ridiculously soft every time I cleanse. It’s also very inexpensive since its a drugstore/high street product, which is great for the budget conscious. Over the past few months I’ve been using this it has been a great in-bath cleanser and if I don’t find another cleanser that’s more effective, this is definitely on my list of products to return to. Does it help with preventing ageing? That’s very difficult to monitor, but I certainly don’t think it’s doing any harm to my skin either.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I would really love to hear your opinions about this product or this brand generally. Your opinions always fascinate me.

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  1. Bree says:

    I agree it’s never too early for anti aging as long as it’s not harsh on your skin! Great review 🙂

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