Review: Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel

Another cleanser I’ve been trying to use up is the Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel. This has been sitting in a box for several months after using it frequently for some time before. But I’m a forgetful person, so I rediscovered this recently and since it hasn’t gone off yet, I figured I would finish it off. Hollypop does not like to waste products/money! But yes, this can be found in both Boots and Superdrug, and retails for £3.49, although this brand tends to have sales and offers on a lot within both of these stores.

The packaging is a simple green tube, which is translucent. It has the brand name at the top, and the brand logo on the bottom. There isn’t much to say about the packaging. I don’t fuss over packaging very much as long as it’s practical and ergonomic. The tube can be easily squished so if you decide to use this and travel with it, I would advise squeezing some of the product into a sturdier container.

As the name implies it is a gel formula, which works well with my oily t-zone. This is great year round when the summer weather makes my entire face oily. Simple as I’ve discussed in my recent blog post here is designed for sensitive skin considering themselves “experts” for making products tailored for sensitive skin. The combination of the gel formula that’s great for oily skin types and the fact it’s tailored for sensitive skin makes it a perfect product for my skin – theoretically speaking. It’s designed to clean the skin without aggravating it, which when you’re both oily and sensitive is very difficult to find that balance in skin care products. I use this in the bath since the gel formula has the potential to be messy.

On the skin it is a very thick gel. Compared to the other cleanser I reviewed last week, it is much thicker especially when lathered with water onto the skin. It leaves a very ‘slimy’ texture on the skin, which I’m not very fond of. Because of the thickness of the gel, it does take a lot of effort to wash off the skin. If you manage to wash it off properly, then it leaves the skin feeling very smooth. However, if you don’t wash it off properly it leaves the skin feeling slightly uncomfortable, and the dried cleanser will flake off. The number of times this has happened and freaked out that it was my actual skin flaking off… Sigh. Yes. Just a fair warning that this cleanser can be slightly difficult for that reason.

Otherwise, this cleanser is very simple. Pun not intended. It doesn’t do anything particularly special to the skin, and as long it its washed off properly, it doesn’t do any bad for the skin either. It’s very cheap, especially so when on offer. So it’s great for teenagers/students, or anyone who’s very budget conscious. Would I suggest this? Yes, I think I would. Although it’s lathery/foam consistency when moistened with water may not be ideal for drier skin types, anyone with mild or excessive oil in their skin will likely appreciate the deep cleanse it’s capable of.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. If you have any suggestions for good cleansers to try out, I would love to hear them. I’m always looking for new products to test and try out.

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