Review: Simple Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser

Simple Pore Minimising Toner I’ve reviewed quite a few products by Simple recently, and today I plan on talking about another. This time it is the Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser. You can find this in both Boots and Superdrug for £4.85 and £4.99 at full price respectively, although both stores have offers from time to time, so you can find this a bit cheaper.

I used this as part of my night time skincare routine, as a 2-in-1 cleanser and toner product. As a blogger, it’s too easy to over complicate my skincare routines in an attempt to keep trying products to talk about and share my opinions on each product I try (or the ones I think I have a confident opinion about), so I picked this product up a very long time ago in order try and simplify my routine a bit.

As Simple is a brand aimed for sensitive skin, I knew I could rely on them to provide products that shouldn’t upset my mildly sensitive and oily skin. This product is no exception, and before I even get into detail about the product, I can say it didn’t cause any irritation. So that’s a great factor, off the bat.

Simple Pore Minimising Toner  Like many of their products they boast have lots of beneficial ingredients in their products, and this one is no exception. The photo above demonstrates that there is witch hazel, chamomile and geranium, but also Vitamins B5 and E. So it’s gentle and soothing for the skin.

Simple Pore Minimising Toner Unlike many cleansers I normally opt for for when I’m not bathing, this is a gel based cleanser/toner, so a little goes a long way when using this with a cotton pad. Typically, gel formulas are great for my oily skin since they don’t clog my pores, but as a product I use when I’m not bathing, this can get tricky to use if I apply too much at a time – and knowing how much to use and then dispensing that much can be a tough judgment call. To dispense the product you need to squeeze the bottle and try your best not to dispense too much.

I can’t say I’m hugely impressed by this product. For the price you pay, this is nice, but it’s also tricky to work with. Perhaps I’m just impatient, but I did stop using this before I used half of the product. I would rather use a water based product instead, but that is personal preference speaking here. It hasn’t upset my skin in anyway, although the gel formula means sometimes if I use too much, the excess can get stuck in my hairline and brows. Which is not a good look.

Will I purchase this again? No, but not because it’s a terrible product, but because it’s not quite for me. You may find this works better for you.

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