Review: Seventeen Make Your Mark Eyeliner

Seventeen Eyeliner

If eyeliner can do one thing, it can really cast a certain unique magic on the eyes to really draw you in. Eyeshadows have their magic too, but in my opinion, eyeliner draws it all together and ties the bow on your eye look. However, I have a tough time finding one that works well with my oily eyelids, or just one that has consistent pigmentation. One eyeliner I was trying out about a month ago was the Seventeen Make Your Mark liquid eyeliner, and today I want to talk about it with you guys.

The one you see in the photo above is in the shade Blackest Black, and is described on the packaging as:

Line and define or mix it up & go graphic. The pen-style precision liner gives carbon black intensity with waterproof & up to 24 hour staying power.

That’s quite some claims, right? For starters, it is indeed a pen-style eyeliner, which suits my preference of eyeliners. I like the control they provide and since I can get shaky hands, it’s extra control I really need. My only gripe is that it is a chunky pen tip, and if you have small eyelids or just want that super thin line – you’re going to struggle to get it. When I was using this, I had this on the go next to my Dolly Wink eyeliner, where this one was my go-to for thickening up my cat-eye flicks, rather than the carefully placed lines along the lash-line.


As for pigmentation, I definitely can’t say it’s “carbon black”, or as intense as it claims to be. As you can tell from my swatch photo above, I had a tough time getting this to show up on my (super pale) skin. From right to left, those were my attempts at

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