Review: Seventeen Doll’d Up Mascara

If I’m honest, I’m terrible at remembering to wear mascara. It’s just something I don’t think of when I’m in a rush to put makeup on. Actually, if I’m in a rush, I only bother to conceal blemishes and use some powder since my skin is quite oily. However, when I do remember to wear mascara, the one I’ve been using at the moment is the Seventeen Doll’d Up Mascara, in the shade Brown Black. You can find this little one in Boots for ยฃ6.29, and also has the shade Black, although I opted for the Brown Black shade because of my naturally dark brown hair – not limited to my eyelashes.

Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara ย 
I’m rarely won over by the name of a product, but something about dolls just screams cutesy to me. I’m a huge fan of South Korean pop culture – particularly the Ulzzang dolly look, so when I bought this, I thought this mascara could help me achieve a similar look. The mascara claims to “[give] up to 24hr curl & wide eyed volume for doll like lashes”. I have quite long eyelashes anyway, so I’m not fussed about not being a lengthening formula, and since I have dark lashes, I’m not too fussed about having extreme volume either, but I do like to have that extra definition to the lashes, as long as they don’t look “fake” so to speak. Does that make sense?

ย Honestly, I like that I achieve a natural look for my lashes, since I use just one coat. You can apply more coats if you want a more dramatic look, but that doesn’t suit me on a day to day basis. It’s also worth noting that I’m too lazy to curl my lashes, so this would work even better if you do decide to curl them.

What I do like about this particular shade is that should I decide to use eyeliner, because it’s a mix of brown and black, I can wear brown or black eyeliner and the mascara colour blends nicely with the lashes and eyeliner to create a nicely blended look.

I normally use this just on my upper eyelashes, but it does work on my lower lash line like I tried today. If you do decide to use this on the lower lash line, it may flake or bleed during the warm weather, but this doesn’t happen to me very often. On the upper lash line I can go the entire day without flaking most days, but usually flaking is caused by my long lashes brushing against my eyelids/brow-bone area, or if I forget to stop myself from rubbing my eyes – think of those 9am lectures, yawn!

Overall, this is nice mascara, it’s not expensive, and does a good job of adding extra dimension to my lashes. If you want intense looking lashes, then this isn’t really for you. I mean, you can certainly try, but there are definitely better options out there and will achieve it more easily. I will definitely buy this again, but at the moment I have a massive stash to get through, so it’ll be a little while until I do buy this again. Oh, I should also mention that this has lasted many many months, and in fact should have gone off a long time ago, but I’ve kept this well enough apparently that it’s still good to use.

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  1. Great review! I’ll have to try this soon if I can find it online since I’m in the US! Great post though!

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