Review: Palmer’s Line Smoothing Eye Cream

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Line Smoothing Eye Cream

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To finish off the working week, I want to talk about one of the essentials in my day-time skincare routine at the moment. It’s the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Line Smoothing Eye Cream, which has been in my routine for most, if not all, of 2017 so far. So to say the least, I’ve had plenty of time to get used to this product, so I finally want to sit down and write down my thoughts.

Starting off with the brand itself, I remember a few years ago, someone said – and it was most likely a YouTuber – that this brand wasn’t going to be great for people with oily skin as it was just going to be clogging, and just not work for oily skin types. I can’t remember the exact claims, but I decided some time ago that I wanted to make the decision for myself if the brand worked for me, so I ended up buying this eye cream as my first step into the brand. My opinions today aren’t set to prove or disprove this person’s opinion, but rather to just set a perspective from someone who has oily skin and what my individual experience was. However, this is an eye cream and not a face product, so I don’t think this will be as important, but for the sake of transparency, I wanted to get this bit out of my system.

So the product itself, it makes serious claims that for me I was able to put to the test. So front of the box and the tube mimic each other, claiming:

  • “Rich anti-wrinkle eye cream
  • Non-irritating
  • with Peptide Complex and Retinol”

So I’m going to discuss these one by one. Starting with the first, as someone in my early twenties, I struggle to really talk about anything claiming to be anti-wrinkle or preventative. I have natural lines where the folds of the skin move when you smile (creating eye bags) or fading lines from phases when I’ve had allergic reactions around my eyes – I will get into that in detail in the next point, as it has helped shape my experience and opinion. However, I don’t really have wrinkles around my eyes yet, so really, this particular claim is somewhat moot to me.

As for non-irritating, on the surface yes, I agree it’s non-irritating, but not in every circumstance. During any normal day, I find this to work just fine, no irritations of any kind. But I talked a few months ago about an allergic break out where I speculated what my cause was. The reaction was entirely on one eye, surrounding the eyelid and particularly just under my eye, and was a sudden reaction. I still don’t really know what caused it. I speculated makeup going off that I used that caused it. I’ve also speculated a newly developed allergy to my pets – as I live with my partner and no longer with my parents whom my pets live with. Or it’s a stressed related reaction, which is even more frustrating if that is the case – it makes it even more unpredictable. When I used this eye cream during my allergic reaction, while it wasn’t causing extra irritation – it was too rich for comfort, so it was during allergic reactions that I swapped this out of my routine and replaced it with a different product until it cleared up.

Part of what makes me think it’s potentially too much during my allergic reactions *and this is purely speculation* is the presence of Retinol. Interestingly, Retinol is the last ingredient on the product’s list, but as it is potent even in very small amounts, my thoughts make me speculate that it’s too much when my skin is irritated and sore. But on my normal days, it doesn’t cause me issues. What also needs to be considered, and this somewhat relates to the previous claim about non-irritation, is that this cream will require you, regardless of your skin type, to exercise caution when going outside or exposed to sunlight, as Retinol tends to increase sensitivity to sunlight. I don’t have many gripes with the product is the lack of SPF for what they call a morning and night product. However, I don’t blame Palmer’s solely for this, I have only seen one eye cream here in the UK at an affordable price that has SPF in it, so it’s not common to see sun protection in eye creams.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Line Smoothing Eye Cream

Looking at other claims and ingredients that Palmer’s highlights, the presence of aloe vera for soothing and calming the skin felt somewhat underwhelming, in reflection of my allergy issues I described earlier. However, I can somewhat feel it in the texture of the product as it glides over the skin nicely – I feel like the milk proteins probably contributes to that as well.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Line Smoothing Eye Cream

As for the texture itself, it’s definitely in the realm of creams, and does feel thicky and a bit tacky at first. But once you start smoothing it over the skin, it glides over really nicely and becomes completely transparent. I find using a little extra is better than less, as getting the product to that ‘smooth’ state takes some work to get there, and from experience, applying little bits of the cream in multiple applications to get the desired coverage can create a build-up on the eye area that felt excessive for me. But smoothing more over the entire eye area has typically worked out really nicely and creates a thinner layer more reliably. While I feel like I’ve described a product that likely sounds like a bit of work, in actuality it’s really not. It’s one of those situations where once you’ve gone through the trial and error stage for the first few applications, you can figure out how much you need and not faff around with it after that.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Line Smoothing Eye Cream

I skipped over the packaging, but Palmer’s stuck to the simple yet effective approach. It’s a simple squeezy tube, with a nozzle to dispense the product. I find that while it takes a little extra work to dispense the product compared to other eye creams I’ve used – I prefer this. I don’t find myself wasting this product as often which is right up my alley. I hate wasting things, and that includes skincare. I’m roughly halfway through my tube, and I can see this lasting me through Autumn, and mostly likely through Winter too, which is when I expect this product to really work best for my skin.

Overall, I really like this product, and I’m grateful I decided to try out Palmer’s products. I think for people with drier skin types, this will stand out more, but if you are very sensitive, this may be something to approach with caution. But I want to leave an affiliate link for this product *here*, as I do really think it’s worth the purchase. I am curious to try some of Palmer’s face products in the future, so I will definitely write reviews for them if/when I do.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post. It really honours me that you’ve taken time out of your day to give it a read. I hope you are healthy and happy, and I look forward to writing a new post for you to read.

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