Review: Olay 2in1 Cleanser and Toner 200ml

Olay 2in1 Cleanser and Toner

Happy Monday (I hope)! I want to kick off the week by talking about a product I started using in the last couple of months, which is the Olay 2in1 Cleanser and Toner. This is a product I had stored away for around 6 months, and when the colder weather started to roll in, I decided I want to give this product a try. You can find this product in Boots and Superdrug at £2.89 at full retail price.

Regarding Olay’s cruelty-free status, they are not allegedly cruelty-free at the time I am writing, so if you pursue a cruelty-free cosmetic lifestyle, I encourage you to not buy from this brand unless their policy changes. I will not be buying more products from this brand until their policy changes, but I had already bought this product before I went cruelty-free a little over a month ago. As I’ve explained in previous posts, I prefer to not waste products, so while I may not buy from a brand until their policy changes, if I already own one of their products from before I went cruelty-free, I’d rather use the product up, recycle packaging where able, etc, and this is the decision that feels right for me. I don’t expect everyone to agree or conform to this decision, but I want to be transparent about my approach to this sensitive issue.

So let’s start with the claims, the front of the bottle has the following claims:

“Gently cleanses and refreshes

Removes excess oil

Reduces appearance of pores


With Aloe Vera and Cucumber Extract

Alcohol free, cooling effect”

A little bit sloppy, I apologise, but I will go through this one by one. From my experience, the claim that it gently cleanses and refreshes the skin is true for me, as I use it as my first step in my day time skincare routine. This fills the cleansing and toning step, although I use it at a toning step on days I’ve showered where I use a gel cleanser before I shower. In both situations, the product is really gentle and cooling, and doesn’t over-dry my skin. I find this is particularly the case because there’s no alcohol, which I find I can react negatively to depending on the type of alcohol and the amount.

As far as removing excess oil goes, I find it clears up any oil my skin products overnight very well and prepares my skin for the following skincare products in my routine. I don’t find I agree it reduces the appearance of my pores though: I have very large pores on my nose and where my cheeks meet the side of my nose, and I find they still look very large even after using this product. However, this isn’t what I use the product for, so I don’t hold it against the product, but if you find you need this in a product, that’s worth bearing in mind.

The product is designed for multiple skin types, but I think combination skin are the core demographic as there is some emphasis on tackling oily skin needs as well as dry skin symptoms. I have oily-sensitive skin, so I have a lot of excess oil, but it’s also dehydrated which is a common cause for my skin’s irritation. I have some ingredient allergies, but I don’t find this product flares it up at all.

Olay 2in1 Cleanser and Toner

The back of the bottle is relatively bland, but there is some text including:

“Olay 2in1 Cleanser & Toner is designed as a perfect base for skin preparation.

Dermatologically tested – Alcohol free – Cooling effect”

There are also the instructions:

“Apply toner generously to cotton wool and sweep gently across face and neck. Avoiding getting into your eyes. If eye contact occurs, rinse well with water.”

So the claims are a bit repetitive, but I do think this is a great skincare product for preparing the base. I wouldn’t call it “perfect” by any means, but it does its job relatively well. It works well for my skin in the cooler autumn weather right now, but I can’t say how it would work during the spring and summer when the weather in the UK gets more humid, my skin overall is consistently oily and the pollen count increasing triggers my hayfever which also makes my skin react to it. My skin then can be quite a struggle to manage, so it might not be as good of a skin prep then, but that’s purely up to speculation, as I’ve only used this for a short time during the autumn.

As for application, I use cotton rounds, as opposed to cotton wool, as they hold liquid skincare products much better than cotton wool from my experience. Other than that, the application process is the same.

There isn’t much to talk about the product itself: it’s a water-consistency with a blue pigment. The pigmentation does stain the cotton rounds I use, but leaves no trace on the skin. Parfum is on the ingredients list, so if you’re sensitive to fragrance I recommend you exercise caution. However, if you’re sensitive scents like me, there isn’t a major scent to this product so you may find this product safe to use. This is obviously a very personal decision, as everybody is a bit different.

Overall, the product is nice, but like I said towards the beginning of the post, I won’t be purchasing any more products from Olay until their animal testing policy changes. But as far as the product goes it’s a decent product and worth considering if you need a simple cleanser and/or toner step. This is a good product to start a skincare routine around if you’re just beginning to invest in skincare. It’s a simple but effective product, and you can easily pair it with a simple moisturiser and eye cream if you want and take it from there.

With that said, thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. I really appreciate your support, and I hope you are happy and healthy.

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