Review: NYC Cityproof 24HR Waterproof Mascara

NYC Cityproof 24HR Mascara Open

A makeup product that’s been sitting in my “to-blog” basket is this mascara. This is the NYC Cityproof 24HR Waterproof Mascara, in the shade “865 Black“, which I bought in my local Superdrug back in Cardiff. It’s been sat in my stash pile for a long time and I’ve tried this enough to feel like I can talk about it. I tried looking this specific product up online but it doesn’t look like they stock it anymore, or most of the brand apparently. Feel free to correct me if they do – since I do like this brand. Unfortunately, because it’s not listed online I can’t quote what I would have paid for it, but I will say it was less than £5.00, so very affordable.

I will admit, I don’t wear mascaras very often – I’m typically very low maintenance and although I’ll put in the times to use eyeliner, I often skip mascara because I do have dark enough lashes that I don’t feel like I need to use mascara on a regular basis. That said, on days when I really want to show myself some extra attention, a good mascara that works for my lashes can go that extra mile so to speak, to really add something special to my appearance. I usually have two mascaras on the go, a waterproof formula for rainy or humid days and a non-waterproof formula for when I really don’t want the fuss of removing it all later. Any mascara fans out there will understand how much of a pain a truly waterproof formula can be – especially when all you want to do is chill out or you’re desperate to go to bed.

This product was for a brief time my waterproof formulation that sat on my makeup drawer holder. The packaging definitely stands out – the bright blue with the a mix of white and yellow text definitely catches the eye right? To an extent it looks a tad gimicky, but for me, the packaging doesn’t need to look amazing for me to want to buy it – as long as it keeps the product sanitary and safe, the aesthetic is a bonus, right?

NYC Cityproof 24HR Mascara

The mascara wand itself is reasonably chunky, thickest at the base and thins out towards the tip. This works well for anyone with longer lashes – myself included but it is still a bit tricky to work with. I will disclose that I suck at using mascara: my lashes are thick and longer individual hairs and mascara often makes them heavier than they already are. On top of that, I cannot using an eyelash curler to save my life – I just cannot get all of my lashes and often times I just don’t use a curler because I’m too nervous about pinching my eyelids. However, on curled lashes, this wand definitely works better because you won’t be struggling to get underneath the lashes to lift them up. On uncurled lashes it’s a bit more tricky and often why I don’t bother with mascara unless it’s for a special occasion.

As for the mascara formula itself, it is a very black pigmented product, which for dark hair people like myself will either blend nicely with natural lashes, or provide some “oomph” to any false lashes you might choose to wear. For lighter hair colours I think this is definitely a more ‘defining’ kind of colour for a mascara, and could really draw attention to the eyes. Applying too much too quickly can definitely lead to some clumping, but if you take your time and not rush, the formula can look very flattering. I would definitely call this waterproof, I’ve worn this on a couple of occasions on rainy and damp days here in England, and it hasn’t smudged or moved anywhere it shouldn’t be. At the same time, when it comes to removing it at the end of the day: I’ve had a mixed set of experiences. At times, this comes off pretty quickly – when photographing for this post, I accidentally caught one of my fingers and it was easy to wipe away with a makeup wipe while it’s wet. When it’s dried it does become a bit more problematic but it still doesn’t take so much work to remove that I’m left frustrated that I used it at all.

For me, the reason I stopped using it personally is because if I do manage to clump it between two or three lashes, I’ve found it quite uncomfortable and even at times distracting when I’m trying to do my day-to-day things. I don’t find this particularly appealing and since I know I don’t use this enough, I plan on passing this on to my mum to see if this is a waterproof formula that will work for her. She struggles to find a mascara that won’t smudge on her oily eyelids and I think this could be something she might like instead.

Will I purchase this again? No, but I do not for a second regret buying or trying this product. Sometimes you can find hidden gems in the drugstore/high street brands and although I can’t say this is one of them, I certainly can’t say it was a waste trying it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I can’t express my gratitude that you wanted to read it. If you have any questions regarding this product or you have product suggestions that you think I should consider trying, then please drop me a comment. I would love to hear from you.

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