Review: NYC Cityproof 24hr Waterproof Eyeshadow

Apologies for my absence last week everyone, after an exam at the start of the week, and then getting ill, I wasn’t able to find much time or energy to write posts. However, while I’m not 100% better yet, I am well enough to get back into it. So today, I’m kicking the week off with a review of some makeup products I’m trying. These are the NYC Cityproof Eyeshadows, which are super affordable, and can be found in Superdrug.

NYC Cityproof 24hr Waterproof Eyeshadow  

I currently own three shades, the first is “Tribeca Taupe”, secondly “Central Park Tulips” and finally, “Rockefeller Centre Snowflakes”. I planned on using the first two as eyeshadow bases, and the last one as a shade to highlight my inner corners.

NYC Cityproof 24hr Waterproof Eyeshadow

The first one is “Tribeca Taupe” which is lovely matt taupe brown shade – true to its name. I plan on using this as a crease shade, and then use a powder eyeshadow to intensify the colour if needed. I’ll show this in the swatches below, but of the three shades, this one applies the best. It’s pretty easy to blend, and of the three is more forgiving if you make a mistake.

NYC Cityproof 24hr Waterproof Eyeshadow  
The second shade is admittedly my least favourite – this is “Central Park Tulips” and a shade I picked with the intention that it would work well with the green pigments of my hazel eyes. While the colour itself is gorgeous, it doesn’t swatch very well, and is extremely patchy, which was disappointing. Strangely, the clear lid comes off easily, and while preparing the photos to swatch them, the crayon actually flew out of the pen/casing, and onto the floor. So I think it goes without saying, but I wasn’t impressed.

NYC Cityproof 24hr Waterproof Eyeshadow  
The final shade is “Rockefeller Centre Snowflake” and is a beautiful opaque white. This shade is one I like using for my inner tear duct area, as it helps brighten the eyes, although it can look quite intense. However, I see no reason why this can’t be used over the eyelids as a base, although I’m far too intimidated to do that myself. This shade looks slightly patchy when swatched, but compared to the purple shade, it is definitely better.

NYC Cityproof 24hr Waterproof Eyeshadow  
I’ll mention now that the first shade is “Central Park Tulips” and the second is “Tribeca Taupe”, I accidentally swatched them the wrong way round. But hopefully they demonstrate what I mean by how patchy the purple shade is. The white shade is extremely pigmented, and on the inner eye area it really brightens up for the eyes, although I do blend it out to soften it out where needed.

Overall, these eyeshadows aren’t bad, although if you are picking between shades, I suggested trying out the testers on the back of your hand and see how they apply. They seem to be a “mixed bag” of sorts, but I wouldn’t say they’re terrible.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it really means the world to me. I’m looking forward to posting regularly again, and would love to hear your thoughts, opinions or any suggestions for products or types of posts you’d like to read.

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