Review: No7 Stay Perfect Smoothing Eye Shadow

No7 Stay Perfect Smoothing Eye Shadow

Happy Wednesday! Today we’re gonna have a little chat about one of my go-to makeup products at the moment, which is the No7 Stay Perfect Smoothing Eye Shadow. I own 2 shades of these, in ‘Pretty Pink‘ and ‘Nude‘, respectively.

I picked these up quite a long time ago, but I’ve been kept these in my makeup drawers for some time now. These retail for £8.00 each, and I do suspect I’ve tried the shade ‘Iridescent Purple‘ back in university.

These two shades really stood out to me as eye primer type of shades to apply basically any eyeshadow on top of them, but also applied alone if I’m having a low maintenance makeup day. My eye is most drawn to ‘Nude‘ as it’s a very soft beige shade, but I’ve been using ‘Pretty Pink‘ the most, and I’ll talk through how that ended up that way soon.

In terms of claims, the packaging itself is very limited but it has a small section that reads:

“Soft cream eye shadow glides on easily for crease resistant, blendable, long lasting colour. Hypo-allergenic.”

So the claims aren’t excessive or lengthy, but it is very clear that it’s designed to be able to last long periods of time and maintain a smooth, attractive appearance. As I tend to wear eyeshadow on top of these products like an eyeshadow primer, the indication would make itself more obvious when comparing the appearance of eyeshadows with and without this worn underneath. Which I have tested out using my most commonly used eyeshadows.

No7 Stay Perfect Smoothing Eye Shadow

In terms of packaging, the tube consists of a transparent body that indicates the shade itself from the product on the inside, with a hard plastic black cap that you twist off. The cap twists off very easily, but it also has some initial resistance, so I’m confident the cap won’t easily untwist itself in a drawer, makeup bag, etc.

The applicator itself is a small, slim doe-foot applicator, that’s easy to place product on the eyelid. I have double-eyelids but with naturally hooded effect, so even without tilting my head back to get full view of my eyelids, this doe-foot places the eyeshadow precisely. I typically tilt my head back to make sure I blend from lash-line to crease area consistently, but I don’t feel forced to with initial application.

I think this is a great design choice if you have a smaller eyelid space to work with, and find a lot of doe-foot applicators are too chunky for precise application. Even if you don’t have smaller eyelid space, I think this is still good to work with just because you are less likely to over-apply product and have to make that work.

No7 Stay Perfect Smoothing Eye Shadow
I forgot to wipe the excess of ‘Pretty Pink‘, my bad.

As far as the two shades go, their differences really stand out when swatched side by side, but on the eyes, they’re not that different, just because they’re on the lighter end of the spectrum and look very skin-tone-esque when blended out.

As I mentioned briefly, my eye is drawn the most to ‘Nude‘ as it’s a very neutral beige-y tone, and very universal. It was the first I tried out because of this, but also the one I used the least. I quickly moved on to try out ‘Pretty Pink‘ and found myself just sticking to that shade as I tested it out long-term, and then just… Kept using it.

I find these can be worn alone or with other eyeshadows, with the latter being my most frequent method. I don’t find there different tones and undertones impacts the way other eyeshadows appear on the eyes when applied on top of it, so I don’t think both of these shades are mandatory. It’s for this reason that I just stuck to using ‘Pretty Pink‘ fairly exclusively, and will just use it up and keep ‘Nude‘ as a backup of sorts. These two specific shades aren’t different enough when blended out to bother alternating them, in my opinion, nor do I think you need both if they’re both calling out to you.

I prefer ‘Nude‘ the most, because I’m intimidated by pink shades, -don’t want to look like I have hayfever eyes…- but both are very flattering on my neutral-cool skin tone. My concerns about hayfever-looking eyes are unfounded with ‘Pretty Pink‘ regardless of whether it’s worn alone or with other eyeshadows, so if you’re also intimidated by the shade for that reason, I can reassure you it’s not a problem.

In terms of performance, these apply very smoothly and feel very creamy. I like to apply these by tapping product over the centre of my eyelids using the doe-foot applicator, and then blend out gently with my ring finger. The warmth of my [clean] finger helps spread it out in an even, thin layer, but a makeup brush would also work well-enough if you prefer to avoid getting your fingers messy.

When applied in the thin layer I described a moment ago, I haven’t noticed any issues with creasing, eyeshadow looking messy, fading, etc. However, it is prone to that if you over-apply initially and struggle to blend it out properly. A little really goes a long way, which I love.

Alone, these eyeshadows create a very soft, subtle sheen that makes the eyes look more fresh and alert. With eyeshadows on top, I think they help eyeshadow adhere a little bit better. I’ve been wearing the de-potted Collection Eyes Uncovered Grey Nude Eyeshadow Palette on top, and they last longer and look just a little bit more vibrant. I also find eyeliner sits nicely on top as well, so long as the eyeshadow is blended out nicely and allowed to set completely.

I’ve been using ‘Pretty Pink‘ really consistently since April of this year, and there’s still plenty of product left in my tube and it isn’t showing signs of expiring so far. The tube does have a symbol for an 18 month shelf life, so that’s quite impressive for a cream-based product.

Overall, for £8.00, I think these are worth picking up if these more natural looking shades appeal to you as something you would use on an everyday basis. I don’t think both shades are mandatory at all, so I would personally just pick one. These are lasting me months so far, so while £8.00 might feel like an investment to start, it’s definitely lasting a long time for me. Boots does put No7 on a 3 for 2 offer very regularly, so if you find yourself eyeing up other products from No7, I think this is worth thinking about purchasing.

Are these products I would repurchase in the future? Absolutely yes, I don’t see myself buying both shades again, but after I work through each tube I currently own, I see myself repurchasing ‘Nude‘ as it’s my preferred shade of the two. ‘Pretty Pink‘ is still very stunning, but I don’t feel like I need both, but I also don’t feel like I need to declutter it.

The darker shades are not quite my cup of tea as I don’t really use darker cream-based eyeshadows, so I can’t comment on those shades. But they remind me of the Maybelline Color Tattoo pots of eyeshadow that used to be really popular, but unlike Maybelline, these are cruelty-free.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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