Review: No7 Revitalising Toning Water

Happy Monday! Back in my groove, today I want to review a product I’ve been using for just over 5 months now. So I think it’s a good time, now my head is back in the game, to share my experiences with the No7 Revitalising Toning Water.

To start, one of the first observations you may have noticed is that I haven’t just photographed the packaging on its own, but alongside a companion. So let’s discuss the packaging first:

The original bottle itself is a light blue tall bottle with a white cap with a silver strip along the bottom. The cap twists off very easily, although it doesn’t feel like it would just burst off if dropped. The height of the bottle doesn’t make this very travel-friendly, in my opinion, although with COVID-19, we shouldn’t be traveling anyway, unless absolutely necessary. In my case, I haven’t been traveling.

No7 Revitalising Toning Water

So why the travel bottle in the first photograph? As you can see above, the first major issue I had with this product is with the packaging: when you open the cap, there’s no stopper or funnel, etc to contain the toner. This is a major turn-off for me, and after pouring it once -and soaking a cotton round and my thighs – I quickly decanted it to the spray bottle photographed at the top of my post.

Ideally, a spray bottle wouldn’t have been what I used, but of the travel bottles I had available, it was the best option available. This works well though: it’s a lot easier to control how much product I dispense/spray onto a cotton round this way, although it requires multiple sprays. It’s better than soaking my cotton round and my legs though.

What does the product claim to do? On the back of the bottle, it claims to be a “multi-tasking toning water to help prepare skin after cleansing.” It also claims to “help[s] reduce the appearance of pores”.

From my experience, this toner doesn’t feel very special: it’s thankfully not irritating for my oily-sensitive skin, but I didn’t notice much a difference to my skin beyond cleansing away any excess oil from when I slept, or residue of cleanser after I removed my makeup. But this doesn’t mean it’s not a good product in itself: while it doesn’t appear exemplary in an obvious way, it is a quietly effective step in my skincare routine.

As far as reducing my pores: I don’t really see a difference. My pores are average with some large pores, and often quite obvious to me: some easy to mistake for freckles among my actual freckles. I don’t see a difference to their appearance from using this toner.

What I do like about this toner though is that it does feel like it’s preparing my skin for the next steps of my skincare routine: my moisturising steps apply on cleaner, more refreshed skin, and my skin just feels better overall. This is true for both my morning and night time skincare routine. That for me justifies continuing using it, and I plan to use it up.

Will I purchase it in the future? If the brand adjusts the packaging so I don’t have to decant it into a travel bottle, then I’ll definitely consider it. Otherwise, for the time being, I want to try out some other cruelty-free toners on the market and see if there are even better fits for my skin.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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