Review: No. 7 Airbrush Away Primer

A while ago I went to a Boots event where there were goodie bags and lots of offers for the evening – so a great chance to invest if you have particular products you want to pick up. Although I didn’t have anything in particular that I was interested in, I did take the time to have a look at some of the offers that the different makeup counters had to offer. One of the counters I had a look at was No. 7. It was the first time I had bought any No. 7 products: an eyeliner and a cream eyeshadow tube. Along with my purchase, I received a goodie bag with a few mini free samples to try. The one I want to focus on is the sample of the primer. Although if you buy the full size in store it’s advertised on the Boots website as £19.50.


On the back of my sample it claims to: “magic away signs of ageing with this clever primer, containing light diffusing practices, to make you look younger instantly by putting fine lines and wrinkles into soft focus”. One thing to consider immediately from my own persecutive when reviewing this product is that I do have what would considered to be ‘young’ skin. I do not have many signs of ageing to clear from this product, so if you reading this review specifically for the effects this product has on making skin look truly ‘younger’ then this may not be the best review. However, I can review this product for how effective it is as a makeup base.

With that point made clear, let’s carry on. The primer has the appearance of a white cream, although on the skin is slightly more liquid in consistency than it appears. For my oily skin the slightly liquid consistency works better for my skin than creams bases tend to because creams often clog my pores and cause breakouts. It spreads nicely over the skin, and although the mini sample I have is probably meant to last a week at most, I’ve managed to make it last around 3-4 weeks since a little goes a long way with this product. That said, although I went to the event around October/November (I think, I can’t remember, but it was before Christmas) I’ve tested this product for a few days at a time mostly when I’ve visited home and didn’t want to bring my other primer which I might review another time.


On the skin it feels very light, which personally is great since I hate the feeling of heavy makeup and skincare on my face. I prefer to feel as if there is nothing on my face even if I do decide to wear makeup for whatever the occasion.

As far as how my makeup lasts with this product as a base, I can’t say it has made a huge amount of change. My makeup without a base tends to last quite well even with the oiliness of my skin (I don’t know how…) however, I can say that this primer does help to extend the amount of time before my makeup does start to look like it’s struggling to stay where I put it in the morning.

Overall, this primer isn’t a bad choice to go with if you’re prepared to spend a little bit more money than if you picked up a brand like Revlon or Barry M. It hasn’t made a dramatic difference to how long my makeup lasts, but I can’t complain it doesn’t work at all. It leaves the skin feeling soft after application, which is always a good factor.

Have you tried this primer before? Or is there another one you’d recommend instead? I’d love to hear you suggestions and ideas.

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