Review: MUA Brow Define Micro Precision Eyebrow Pencil

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m back with another review, and recently I’ve been trying out the MUA Brow Define Micro Precision Eyebrow Pencil, which I own in the shade ‘Dark Brown‘.

Brow products for me are one of those makeup categories that I wear no matter what if I’m going to wear makeup on a given day. Some days I’ll just go for a really minimal and quick makeup look, and brows fall into that minimalism for me. I find that put together brows can make such a huge difference and let me feel more confident and awake even if I’ve only managed to scrape together 3 hours sleep. Along with concealer, it’s one of maybe three categories of makeup that are go-tos regardless of how much or little effort I’m going for.

So I can be quite picky when it comes to my brow products, because I do depend on them on such a regular basis for my makeup looks. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you likely know that I love The Body Shop Brow Definer pencil which I’ve reviewed in the past. But after working through my two pencils, it was time to find a new pencil to try out. I’ve had relatively good success with MUA’s products in the past, and for £2.50, this is a product that didn’t feel like a risk to try out. I’ve been using this pencil since the end of February, so I’ve got some experience under my belt now.

The packaging itself doesn’t have any claims on it, but to quote from Superdrug’s product page:

“Micro precision eyebrow pencil to create sharp lines and shape. With a spooly that ensures shade is evenly distributed across the whole brow for ultimate brow definition!”

MUA Brow Define Micro Precision Eyebrow Pencil

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t realise this product had a spooly to begin with. The product is dual-ended, with the spooly on end, and the pencil on the other. I assumed that the end with the shade’s colour was just to demonstrate what shade you’re picking up, so I was pleasantly surprised when I accidentally pulled open that end expecting the pencil, to then find a spooly! Brow products that have spoolies are always a positive in my books, but because I keep disposable mascara wands for when brow products don’t have them, it’s not a make or break factor for me.

The spooly itself is a really nice size: as it’s quite thin for precisely brushing through the brows, but not so thin that it’s not going to do anything. I have naturally thicker brows, so for me, it’s rare for spoolies to be too thick. So if you have thinner brows, I encourage you to check this out in-store if you can. However, I think it’s a good sized spooly, because although it might look on the thicker size, the packaging itself is very thin, so I think it’s a bit deceiving.

Typically I use this spooly for when I accidentally over-apply or press the pencil too hard at the front of my brows, and it softens out the pigment. I have quite shaky hands so this isn’t really a fault of the pencil, but rather my lack of control.

MUA Brow Define Micro Precision Eyebrow Pencil

On the topic of the pencil itself, it’s relatively thin and more rounded. I’m not a fan of pencils that are more rectangular, as I find it gives me less control of where the pigmentation goes, but that’s ultimately down to preference. In the past month and a bit that I’ve been using the product, I’ve used up quite a lot, but there’s still a lot left. So I think this is a product that you’ll work through quickly and replace often, but for a £2.50 price tag, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. At worst for me it’s just a matter of having replacements ready.

MUA Brow Define Micro Precision Eyebrow Pencil

As far as pigmentation goes, it’s not crazy pigmented which I prefer in a brow pencil, as it’s more forgiving for clumsy old me. However you can definitely amp it up if you press harder. It’s not smudge-proof if you accidentally rub your brows, but my experience so far has been great: it lasts all day even with my oily skin, and so long as I don’t rub my brows (something I should just avoid doing regardless of wearing makeup or not) my brows still look put together at the end of the day.

I won’t go as far as to say it looks as good at the end of the day as it does at the start: as there is some minor fading typically, but it’s barely noticeable for me. I think this is partially because I have thick brows and my individual brow hairs are quite long, so I do have relatively full looking brows to start with. However, because my hairs like to move a lot, I do have to work with sparse areas between the individual hairs, which is what I use this pencil to help with. My brows still look put together at the end of the day, and I think this is partially from the integrity of the product, but also from my overall brow routine.

MUA Brow Define Micro Precision Eyebrow Pencil
From a day of testing a lot of new products~

My brow routine starts with using this pencil to fill in the sparse areas in the main area of my brows, although this doesn’t include the front of my brows. Sometimes this also includes straightening up the arch of my brows if I want a slightly softer looking brow.

When I’m satisfied with that, I take my GOSH Brow Kit which I’ve reviewed in the past, and use a medium brown shade to fill in the front of my brows. I also take the dark brow shade and set down my brows where I’ve applied the pencil. The GOSH Brow Kit is part of my Project Pan that I’m working on at the moment, so while I don’t need to use powders to set this pencil, I am working through product so I feel motivated to use it as often as possible.

Finally, I grab my brow gel and run it through the brows. It’s not a necessary step for me, but I love how pampered my brows feel and the extra staying power is also nice. I’m currently working through the L’OREAL Brow Artist Plumper in ‘Medium/Dark‘. It’s not cruelty-free, but as it was from my stash I’m just working through it so I can move on to my cruelty-free back ups. I’ve also reviewed this product on my blog.

Overall I think this creates a really polished brow look, without looking over the top. If I want a really subtle brow look, I can use this product on its own. But my brows are something I really enjoy putting a little extra effort into most of the time. Would I repurchase this product again? I absolutely would. It’s taken me some time to get used to the precise nature of the nib and the slim packaging, as I’ve been so used to using my beloved The Body Shop Brow Definer pencil, but now I feel really confident using this pencil.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

Products Worn:

  • L’OREAL Nude Magique Cushion (shade name not on packaging)
  • Bourjois 1 2 3 CC Eye Cream (in ’21 Ivory’)
  • Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder (in ‘021 Translucent‘)
  • GOSH Giant Blush (in ‘06 Pink Parfait‘)
  • MUA Brow Define Micro Precision Eyebrow Pencil (in ‘Dark Brown‘)
  • GOSH Brow Kit (in ‘001‘)
  • L’OREAL Brow Artist Plumper (in ‘Medium/Dark‘)
  • GOSH 3in1 Hybrid Eyes (in ‘001 Sand‘)
  • GOSH Eyelight Trio (in ‘002 Fairytale‘)
  • MUA Ever After – Matte Palette (used the shade ‘Penny‘)
  • NYX Nude Matte Shadow (in ‘Haywire‘)
  • NYX Epic Ink Liner (in ‘Brown‘)
  • L’OREAL Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara (in ‘Purple‘)
  • Boots No.7 Moisture Drench Lipstick (in ‘320 Spring Pink‘)

Makeup Tools:

  • Eco Tools Retractable Kabuki Brush
  • B. Cosmetics Eye Contour Brush
  • Eco Tools Eyeshadow Brush (not sure of the specific name as it’s rubbed off, apologies)
  • Real Techniques Shading Brush
  • Eco Tools Eye Shading Brush (from a travel set)
  • Eco Tools Highlighting Brush (from a travel set)
  • Eco Tools Large Eye Brush (from a travel set)
  • Eco Tools Smudge Brush (from a travel set)
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