Review: Mizon AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner

Mizon AHA BHA Toner

I have almost ran out of this product so I want to review this while I still have some of the product left. My latest morning ‘cleanser’ of sorts has been this product by Mizon, which is their AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner. I ordered this online from eBay, and the shipping was extremely fast and bought it from the eBay seller f2plus1. As far as I know of, they sell genuine products and with a pretty good rating on their store page, I decided to buy from them. I paid in total £10.86, which is a little more than I would normally pay for skincare, however because it is a somewhat unique kind of product to me, I wanted to try it anyway.


So I’m going to be very clear here and disclose that I don’t follow the instructions for what order to use this product. I use this as a first-step cleansing product in the morning, since it makes claims about being a cleansing type of toner. The box advises to use this after your cleanser but since I cleanse properly the night before and make sure makeup is removed properly, I tailored this into my routine as a gentle “let’s get any excess oil off my face” kind of step.


It claims to have AHA and BHA ingredients to gently cleanse the skin, which is what really captured my attention. My guess is that it comes from the combination of salicylic acid and glycolic acid that are in the ingredients list. I apologise for the severity of the glare in the photo, no matter how I tried to angle it in the daylight, there was glare off of the box, so I worked with it the best I could. I’m slightly upset that there is alcohol in this product, but I didn’t notice it upsetting my skin too much except when I caught my acne scars or marks by accident.

The packaging itself isn’t something to really get excited about: it has a twist top cap and a small hole on the top of the bottle to dispense small amounts of product at a time. I usually use this with a cotton pad and gently swipe over the skin – avoiding the eye area and the eyelids. I personally then go through with a second toner aimed for sensitive skin to then wipe away and excess that can go over the eye area and remove oil.

The bottle itself is transparent with some measuring-jug style detail, which honestly, I actually like. Something about the iconography of scientific and beneficial skin care products was actually satisfying to have on my desk. This is accompanied by a slightly medicinal smell, but it’s very mild at worst and the more you use up the product, the more the scent disappears.

Overall, this is a nice product. I didn’t notice a huge difference to my skin, just that it helped keep it soft on the surface. I plan on trying out another Korean brand product when I use this up, so I’ll review that once I move onto it and have tried it out for a while.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it truly means the world to me.



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