Review: Missha The Style Fitting Wear Pore Cover Primer

Missha The Style Fitting Wear Pore Cover Primer

Happy Friday! Today we’re talking about a product I hauled all the way back in February 2016, which is the Missha The Style Fitting Wear Pore Cover Primer. This featured in my Canada and America Haul post, and I’m finally getting around to trying this product out.

Missha is an example of a non-cruelty-free Korean brand as they do sell in mainland China, so this is something to consider if you are an actively cruelty-free consumer like myself. As I did buy these way before going active cruelty-free, my intention is to use it up if I enjoy the product enough in order to avoid unnecessary waste. You can read more about my ‘policy‘ in a blog post where I outlined it.

So I pulled this out of my stash recently when I needed a new primer for my large pores and oily skin. I’ve been using this every single time I wear makeup for the past month and a half, so I’m ready to discuss my experiences.

In terms of the packaging, the tube is quite petite, being slightly larger than the palm of my hand, and quite slender. It’s compact size is really convenient for putting in a makeup bag if you plan to travel so that’s really handy.

You get 20g of product, which seems to be about the average amount for the drugstore market, based on products that displayed how much product they have online. The tube is deceptively small so I did feel concerned it wasn’t going to last very long, but so far it feels like I’ve barely made a dent in the tube. However, I can’t tell how much of the tube is filled with air, so this is something to think about.

Missha The Style Fitting Wear Pore Cover Primer

The box does include some claims, so let’s go through these:

“Pore cover primer primer to make skin sleek by filling pore softly

Pore cover complex corrects pore, uneven skin and fine wrinkles and white clay ingredient helps make skin clear and soft by controlling sebum without greasiness.

Layer setting system from resin originated ingredient and fixative polymer helps powder stay tightly on the skin.

BN powder collected from honey extract and coconut extract helps powder stay tightly and longer on skin and keeps the skin bright and clean without darkening.

Aloe Vera and Inca Omega Oil provide rich nutrients and soft afterfeel without tightness.”

This is definitely designed with oily skin in mind, especially for people with large pores. I have medium-large pores, and they can easily be mistaken for faint freckles. I also have oily-sensitive skin, so the former means I really fit the criteria for who this primer is tailored for. I’m going to discuss my experiences in detail, but I want to build up to that, so bear with me.

Missha The Style Fitting Wear Pore Cover Primer

Before I get carried away, let’s address the packaging, which is very conventional: a tube with a twist-off cap, with a small funnel to squeeze the product out of. I get a lot of control of how much I squeeze out of the tube, and have yet to find I dispense too much. It’s really easy to work with, I squeeze from the end of the tube and work down towards to the applicator.

This little tube sits nicely in one of the drawers in my acrylic plastic drawer set, with my colour corrector and lightening drops.

Missha The Style Fitting Wear Pore Cover Primer

The formula itself is a light pink solid cream. It’s a bit weird to describe. I apply this is multiple parts: one portion for my forehead, another my nose, and another for my chin. The portion for my nose is the largest amount I’ll squeeze out as I also blend it out onto the sides of my cheeks where I have some really large pores.

The amount I have photographed above is typically how much I’ll use for my chin, as it blends out really nicely over the skin. I’ll use double the amount for my forehead and nose/cheek area, to make sure I cover all of my forehead, and to get my cheeks too.

Missha The Style Fitting Wear Pore Cover Primer

I don’t find this really blurs or hides my pores, but it does create a really nice silky finish on my skin, which is really luxurious to the touch. It blends out to nothing, in spite of the initial pink appearance. A part of me is disappointed it doesn’t do more for my large pores, but I do find it creates a really nice base for my foundation or concealer to sit on top of.

I don’t really find that ‘pore blurring’ or pore covering primers actually hide my pores, so I wasn’t really expecting much in that regard.

One of the key claims that I wish was true for me was the oil-control aspect. I have oily-sensitive skin, with very oily skin right now in the summer. One thing I accept is that I’ll never truly be able to stop my skin from getting oily throughout the day, but I didn’t really feel a difference in terms of oil-control when I introduced this to my routine.

So this basically a primer that creates a nice base for my makeup. The silky texture reminds me a little bit of silicone-based primers, but with a less slippery texture. I don’t mind silicone primers as they do a great job for my skin, but the texture is definitely not my favourite, so I like how this is a nice compromise.

I don’t find my pores are really obvious after I’ve applied all of my face makeup, so even though the formula itself isn’t ‘pore covering’, it does make my face makeup sit better on my skin. For the look photographed above, I used the primer as my preparation step, then the Revolution Fast Base Concealer for some lightweight coverage, and then set my entire face with the GOSH BB All In One Powder (which I have reviewed, if you’re interested). This is focused the most on my T-zone where I applied the primer, and I think the powder looks very seamless with my skin.

One of the things I plan to try out in the future, as it didn’t occur to me until now, is I’m gonna try this on the outer corner just under my eyes and see if it helps with the dryness and appearance of my freckles there. I don’t have wrinkles around my eyes yet, but the skin does make natural lines when I smile that make me self conscious, so I’m curious how it’ll perform to help with that.

Overall, this is a nice primer but not what it says on the packaging. If you want a decent primer that will help your face makeup apply seamlessly, then this is worth looking into. But if you’re looking for something that will help control your oily skin, or blur out your pores, this wasn’t it for me. However, even much loved pore-covering primers like the Benefit the Porefessional didn’t do this for me, so it could just be my skin isn’t receptive to pore-covering products.

Missha isn’t a fully cruelty-free brand, so as a reminder, if you are looking for cruelty-free products, disregard this product for the time being. However, if that’s not a concern for you then this has the potential to be a decent fit for your skin.

For me, it wasn’t terrible, but it also wasn’t exceptional either. For the time being I plan to work through this product, although if that changes, I will include this either in an empties post or a products I’m passing on post, depending on the condition of the product.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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