Review: Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock Gel Eyeliner

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner

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Today I want to review an eyeliner for you guys, and one that takes a simple but interesting twist. As the name suggests it is a gel eyeliner, however unlike most gel formulas which come in a little pot which you need to apply with a brush, this one is in your standard liquid pen style applicator. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s thought of this, but applying gel eyeliner with an eyeliner brush can sometimes be a bit messy and awkward, especially if you’re rushed for time. I know I often ignore my gel liners just because my liquid liners are easier to apply, so when I saw this, I thought “this is the best of both worlds”. I picked this up in Boots for £7.99 which I don’t think is too bad a price, although it is slightly more expensive compared to some other high street eyeliners.

At first glance, this strikes me as a cheaper version of the Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Liner, which is great for the budget-conscious who have tried Benefit’s eyeliner. This for me was also one of the factors that appealed to me because I bought this before I was able to get my hands on a sample size of their push-up eyeliner a few weeks ago.


I mentioned this brielfy before, but the applicator is similar to that of a liquid liner, but what I haven’t mentioned yet is that the nib is shaped similarly an angled eyeliner brush, so blending the two into one convenient applicator. From the get-go this was something I really liked. I enjoy using pen type eyeliners, but I like how ergonomic an angled brush head is to use to line the eyes, so for me this brought together two great concepts into one awesome one. If however you don’t like angled applicators then this may not be for you, but you can easily take some of the gel product and use a flat eyeliner brush to line your eyes instead if you find it doesn’t work well for you. To get the gel to run through the nib, you twist the bottom of the stick, similiar to some undereye concealer sticks, to push the gel into the nib and then do so again when you need more product.

As the name suggests, the colour is black, which for someone pale like myself may be off-putting, however I think this is great for anyone who wants an edgy or dramatic look – as the name also suggests. The pigmentation isn’t too bad, although at first when you first start to apply it, it can be a bit gloopy and uneven, but once you ‘blot’ it so to speak, it applies more evenly. I suggest having a tissue or a cotton pad for when you first start using it each day to avoid any dried clumps. I didn’t do this the first time I used it, and found I had clumps in the bed of my eyelashes, which were very distracting and also uncomfortable. Not to mention doesn’t look very nice! Above is the swatch of the gel on my hand, it was originally just a line, but it smudged by accident when I brushed my hand across my jumper… Oops! The line was medium thick, so not the thinnest line ever.

How it looks as part of my makeup look.

How it looks as part of my makeup look.

If you prefer fine lines then this may not be for you, but like I mentioned before, the slightly thicker line is great for the edgier, dramatic and eye-grabbing looks. So its great for nights out if you want a more dominant eye. If you have a steady hand you can always use the pointed end to create a slightly thinner line, but I’m not skilled enough to consistently do that, but you can make it work to your preference with practice. From the awkward selfie above, I think I made it look reasonably ‘natural’ without being too overpowering, although I could also thicken the line and extend the flick further if I wanted to make it look more dramatic.

One of the things I found slighlty quirky and funny from my experience when using this eyeliner is that on the side of pen it says “use waterproof make-up remover”. I was initially skeptical that I would need a waterproof makeup remover since a few products I’ve tried have claimed this and haven’t needed it. This time I was wrong. I found out when I was testing it for the first time and messed up the flick of my eyeliner, and my eye makeup remover at the time couldn’t budge it to fix my mistake. I specifically bought an eye makeup remover that should be able to remove waterproof makeup just to get this stuff off my eyes at the end of the day. So as far as staying power goes, this stuff does a great job at lasting. I think the only think that could potentially budge it is if you have extremely oily eyelids, but even then I don’t think it’ll make a big difference. I normally have oily eyelids anyway, but didn’t see any real difference to the pigmentation, and I wasn’t cursed with panda eyes either, which is a great factor.

Overall, this is reasonably nice eyeliner. I wouldn’t grab this as my go-to eyeliner at the moment, but I certainly won’t be throwing it away either. I think I’ll be saving it for the rare occasion I go on night’s out with friends, where a dark, thick line could be really impacting in a good way. I think because of my pale skin, this could easily become over-powering if I don’t line my eyes in the most flattering way, so I’ll stick to my Dolly Wink eyeliners for the day time which are my favourite eyeliners at the moment. I like how resistant it is although sometimes I think it can be too stubborn for its own good. However, if you want a cheaper alternative to the Benefit liner, then it is definitely worth considering. I think one of things that limits this is that there isn’t a brown alternative. If it had a dark brown one as well, then I’d be more inclined to buy that one instead because it would be more flattering for my paler skin tone. But like I said, I plan on using this up until its either completely gone or goes out of date.

So have you tried this eyeliner? If you have, did you like it? Or have you been thinking about trying it? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it really truly means a lot to me.


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