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In my recent post here, I mentioned my go-to eyeliners, and since I haven’t reviewed one in a little while, I thought why not talk about one of them today? Of my three go-to liners, I decided to talk about my L’OREAL Super Liner in Black. I don’t wear black on my eyes very often since I tend to prefer a more natural and subtle look. However, sometimes it can be fun to look a little more intense. And the black eyeliner I’ve been using recently is this one. This can be found in both Boots and Superdrug, for £6.49. (Although I can’t find the link for this product on the Boots website, I’ve seen it many times in-store.)

The packaging is an interesting gold, which personally I’m not a big fan of. I don’t care for gold at all, but I know it’s meant to look very sophisticated and more “high end” in appearance. I personally don’t care too much about how packaging looks: it’s great if it does look nice, but I won’t avoid a product just because the packaging isn’t as appealing to the eye. As long as it’s ergonomic and does its job properly, I’m happy. So with this said, while I’m not impressed by the gold packaging, I don’t like this product less for it.


The eyeliner itself is a slightly flimsy brush/pen tip. The flimsiness of the nib is great since it won’t put unnecessary pressure on the eyelids, but it’s also flimsy enough that I make mistakes with my eyeliner looks quite easily. Although, whether that’s the fault of the product or my lack of skill – I think it’s perhaps a bit of both. I admit, I suck at drawing my eyeliner, haha. So while it is “ultra precise”, you do need to rely on your own skill a bit as well.


One thing I do need to do is to remember to shake this properly so enough product is distributed over the nib before I apply it, since this does lose consistency very quickly. I close it shut and reshake between each eye or application so the colour pigmentation remains as consistent as possible.

When the colour is applied at its best, it’s pretty opaque and honestly, quite impressive. However, you will need to reshake between applications to keep it consistent which can make using this in a rush slightly inconvenient. But if you’re well-practiced and skilful with eyeliner application, this may not be too big a deal for you.

Like it claims, this eyeliner is also “ultra-lasting” and has managed to stay put on my lids even during British rainy weather, and the oiliness of my eyelids hasn’t budged this too much after a full day of wear. You can definitely rely on this if you’re at school or work and don’t want to use too much time on touch-ups. 


And this is how it looks on the eyes. As you can see, I managed to create a reasonably thin line, and the pigmentation is pretty consistent. You can definitely thicken the line up if you want, but it does achieve a nice clean, thin line too if that’s what you’re going for.

Overall, this is a pretty good product. I don’t have any significant faults with this, although it’s not the most ideal nib for me to work with. Of course, this is my own personal tastes, and you may prefer this. Whatever works best for you and your style. It’s also not very expensive, which is fantastic.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means the world to me. If you think you’ll like reading my other posts I would be honoured if you would check them out.

(Also ignore my awkward selfie. I’m not normally a selfie-taker, haha)

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  1. Maria B says:

    I have had some problems working that applicator too, I always mess up. This takes a lot of practice ? great review ?

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