Review: L’OREAL Makeup Removers

L'OREAL Makeup Removers  Typically I write a review and focus on just one product. However, I have three products I want to talk about and this time I think it would be more appropriate to put these together. As the name of the post suggests, all three products are by L’OREAL and are three different types of cleansers/makeup removers. I’ll talk about all three as precisely as I can, since this post could get very long. But please bear with me, I’m hoping this will be worth your time.

Before I discuss each product individually, it’s worth noting that all of these products claim to be suitable for sensitive skin, none of these makeup removers have alcohol and are also hypoallergenic. So in theory, anyone should be able to use these products. I personally haven’t had any allergic reactions to any of these products, so I hope that’s some kind of reassurance.

L'OREAL Makeup Removers Cleansing & Perfecting Milk:

The first of the cleansers is milk based. This product has a very watery/milky texture and is very easy to use on the skin. I use this with a cotton pad, and gently wipe over the skin. It’s best used for the face, and I don’t suggest using it on the eyes since it can get in the eyes. I learnt that the hard way… Ouchies… This product claims to be for the face and eyes, but as I’ve just said, I can’t bring myself to agree. It can feel a bit greasy on the skin afterwards, but you can get around this by using a toner afterwards to clean of any excess product.  It does work well to remove makeup, but can take a bit of effort, which requires harsher wiping on the skin, which I’m not a fan of.

If you are interested in buying this product, you can find it in Boots and Superdrug for £3.99 when its full price.

L'OREAL Makeup Removers Micellar Gel Eye Makeup Remover:

The next product is gel based, and is part of the micellar trend of makeup removers. This is meant to suitable for contact lense wearers although I don’t wear contact lenses. Honestly, I’m slightly confused why a gel based formula is designed as an eye makeup remover, since I found it would get in my eyes with every time I used the product – hence why it doesn’t look like I’ve used it at all. I’m quite disappointed with this for that reason alone. It works really well to cleanse and remove makeup, but for the eyes? It’s an antogonist.

Despite this, I think I will just use this for the face instead. So don’t let this put you off if you’re thinking about buying this product. If you do decide you want to pick this up, it is available in Boots and Superdrug, and occasionally goes on offer, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for that. At full price, it costs £3.99.

L'OREAL Makeup Removers  Micellar Water:

Finally, we have the water based makeup remover. Of the three this is the one I reach for most. It is designed to be used on the eyes, face and lips, and of the three, this I agree is suitable for using on the eyes. I have managed to get this in my eyes a couple of times, but that’s just me being a clumsy moo. Would I use this on my lips? Umm, I’ve tried, but it leaves a nasty after-taste so I avoid using it on my lips if I can. As a makeup remover it does a great job of gently cleansing off makeup, and doesn’t require harsh rubbing. Of the three textures this is my favourite, as it doesn’t leave any residue on the skin, although I use a toner afterwards anyway.

If you want to read more into this product, you can buy this at Boots and Superdrug for £4.99 when its full price. However, like I’ve said, this goes on offer from time to time.

And that’s all of the products. If you planned on buying one of these, I’d love to know which one you decided to go with. If you have any other questions about the products that I didn’t cover, I would be happy to answer them.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it really means a lot to me. If you think you’ll like my other posts, then I’d love to invite you to check them out.

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