Review: L’OREAL HydraFresh Anti-shine Icy Gel Moisturiser


One moisturiser I’ve been testing for a little while is the L’OREAL HydraFresh Anti-shine Icy Gel moisturiser. The name really is something huh? I’ve been trialling this when I’ve been visiting my parents (I mean, it’s one less skincare product to pack, right?) so I’ve had periods of around 5-10 days to try this out at a time. Despite being a L’OREAL product, I could only find this online, for example here and unless it’s a new product, you can’t find this locally in the UK. However, there is a similar skincare line with similar products called Active Fresh which can be found here.

If the name doesn’t imply enough, the moisturiser is a gel formula. Typically this is one of the ideal formula types for oily skin like mine. I like the texture it leaves on the skin: it’s not too thick and heavy, but it’s also not too light as if it won’t be effective on the skin. It absorbs within a few minutes of being spread over the skin and definitely lives up to the name of feeling “icy” or rather “cooling” on the skin. I can imagine that during the summer this would feel amazing to apply especially after a long walk or a tiring day at work. I have the feeling that this will last through summer even with daily use – a little goes a long way – a real plus for me.

The packaging is fairly simple but very sophisticated. The box itself isn’t very interesting (although it has all the useful information like the ingredients) but the glass jar does create a sophisticated feel about it. Something about twisting the lid and holding the glass jar feels very nice. Maybe that’s just me.

It doesn’t do a bad job of keeping the skin hydrated and while it doesn’t do the miracle work of keeping my oiliness at bay all day, it does help keep my skin mattified for a few hours. My only gripe is that it has denatured alcohol which causes slight irritation on my skin. While I don’t find this to be a major issue when using the moisturiser, it can feel uncomfortable which obviously is not ideal.

Would I purchase this again? I think I would consider it. While I have a lot of other moisturisers I want to try out, I definitely plan on keeping this one written down as something to think about coming back to. It’s not too expensive (unfortunately I can’t remember or track how much I paid) and is part of the selection of skincare products out there that hasn’t made my skin scream internally.

Have you tried this before? Or would you consider trying it? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

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