Review: Living Source Pomegranate Concentrated Night Serum

This serum is designed to reduce redness, and minimise the size of pores, which sounds like a great product for my skin type. I naturally have quite a bit of redness, and as I have oily skin, my pores are also reasonably big and clog easily. So when I found this product in my local TK Maxx for £5.99, I was easily won over by the claims on the box.


The serum comes in a small box, with a dark reddish brown colour which reminds me of a wood texture on the bottom third, with pink on the top of the design and the logo within it (my photos will make that clearer than my attempt at describing it). I personally like the design of the box, although this is my own preference. I think it suits the colour of pomegranates – one of the main ingredients.


The serum itself is semi-watery and oily texture, although it didn’t feel greasy on the skin. It takes roughly a minute to sink into the skin and dry off without a trace. I liked this as sometimes there are nights when I don’t want to sit around waiting for serums and moisturisers to absorb properly before I can go to bed. Sleep is precious, right?


The bottle uses a syringe style dispenser, which is useful as a little goes a long way with this serum. With the syringe it means I have more control with how much product I use. I usually use 2-3 drops, which I dab on my cheeks, chin, nose and forehead, and then smooth over my face and neck. With a product like this, I always feel like my money goes a lot further, especially as £5.99 is a reasonable price for a serum. Some serums in drugstores like Boots cost from £7.00 and higher, which is why I felt like trying this product even though I had never heard of the brand before.

It claims to leave a “smooth matte finish” on the box, which is definitely the case when I wake up the following morning. What I love about this serum is how amazingly smooth my skin feels. Although it’s not always matte (my skin is quite oily so I’m pretty sure it would be a miracle for my skin to be completely matte after sleeping for 7-9 hours), my skin is always soft – to the point that the first time I woke up after using this I couldn’t stop myself from stroking my cheeks for five minutes to appreciate difference. It’s the first time a skin care product has made me do that. My skin isn’t necessarily coarse or rough, but the difference is definitely noticeable.

I also noticed from using this serum that any acne scarring also faded a little bit more than if I didn’t use the serum. Which with oily skin that does clog and breakout easily, this serum has worked as an accidental treatment in helping my skin recover.

It also helps some of my redness, which also a great benefit, but it would be a lot to ask for my redness to be completely gone. I can’t say it’s made my pores looking much smaller, but it has helped maintain a smooth texture to my skin in between treating my blackheads, which I think is a good factor even if it hasn’t done what it says on the box exactly to the letter.

Intrigued by the product’s ‘star’ ingredient: pomegranate, I decided to do some research to figure out why it’s so amazing. According to (I’ll post the full link at the end of the post), pomegranates have multiple benefits to the skin of different types, including “prevent hyperpigmentation, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles that are often caused by sun damage”. While this particular quote appeals to women who are more likely to have ageing or damaged skin, the page I’ve researched from also explains how pomegranates help soothe acne breakouts and penetrate deeper into the skin, people with dry skin will feel the benefits of the moisturising effects as well.

While the effects of the pomegranate fruit are gained most effectively through eating the fruit itself, as far as treating the skin, this is a lovely product if you’re not a fan of the taste or can’t get hold of it easily yourself (I’m personally tempted to start buying it if my student budget will allow it).

For combination or oily skin people like myself who are also slightly sensitive, the serum also has witch hazel, which is a common ingredient for soothing skin. I personally like this as I always feel annoyed when a product for combination or oily skin works well in controlling the excess sebum, but irritates my skin so that I can’t use it without damaging my skin.

Overall I’m really happy with this product. It doesn’t cause breakouts or cause any irritation. It also leaves my skin amazingly soft in the morning, which I know will appeal to many people. Who doesn’t want soft skin that’s not to admire? My only issue is that because TK Maxx doesn’t have set lines, and stocks on a less reliable basis than drugstores or department stores. It means I may not be able to find this again at the same price when I run out. Which I will be annoyed about since I definitely want to keep this as a staple in my night time skin care routine.

Have you stumbled across this product? If so, did you like it as well? Or do you feel like you want to try it?

My research on pomegranates:

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