Review: Limited Blushers

Limited Blushers

I think if there’s one place that’s easy to overlook when buying beauty related products it’s M&S. Perhaps it’s just me and my limited budget, but I usually to forget to stop and look there when I’m hunting for something in particular, which is a real shame, because although Marks & Spencer’s is typically has a much higher price point compared to Boots and Superdrug, they do have some affordable options if you remember to take a peek. An example of this is the Limited Blushers, which I bought for £5 each. I own the two blusher shades in “Apricot” and “Berry“. There is also a bronzer, but I rarely use bronzers and even more rarely find a shade I think will suit me. Yay for being pale.
Limited Blushers

I can’t say I’m a fan of the design of the packaging, but they do make it easy to tell which colour is which. At the moment I’m reaching for “Apricot” a lot, and is definitely a shade I enjoy wearing, and I know I’ll being wearing “Berry” a lot more as the cooler weather continues to roll in. Of the two, I can definitely say that “Apricot” appears to be the more wearable shade of the two, and is my favourite. However, I advise the paler skinned individuals like myself to not be intimidated by how dark “Berry” is in the pan. Which a light hand and a good brush, it can look great in porcelain cheeks as long as it’s blended properly, unless the more emphasised cheeks is your thing, then by all means, rock it proudly.

Apricot” has been a great shade to wear this summer as it has this nice balance of warm tones with just enough coolness that it doesn’t look really odd on my neutral-cool undertones. My only criticism of “Berry” is that there are shimmer particles which I’m not a fan of. I would rather have the option to add the shimmer myself with a highlighter than have it there regardless of choice. But I don’t find it to be too over-the-top so if you don’t mind shimmer then it could work for you. I think I’ll wear it some more and then decide just how much it bothers me. Although the colour itself is beautiful.

Limited Blushers

The colour payoff is decent considering how cheap the product is, although taking a photo was pretty challenging since my iPad is pretty heavy and a tough thing to balance. The colour doesn’t last all day, but it does last long enough that if you wear this out for a dinner date or to the cinema, you’re not going to lose the pigmentation by the end of the evening. For all-day wear though, it is worth keeping it with you with a brush to reapply.

Overall, it’s a nice product. I’m not sure if I’ll buy them again, but I definitely plan on making the most of them while they’re still in-date and in the pan.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it really means the world to me. If you have any questions about this product, or you have suggestions for blushers, I would love to hear about them.

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