Review: Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous Liquid Eyeliner

Hard Candy Liquid Eyeliner

It’s not often you’ll see American brands on this blog, since as a UK-based blogger, they’re not easily accessible to me. However, I brought these back after my trip to Canada to see my better-half, and in order to indulge myself a bit for my trips around Toronto, I splurged a bit on makeup since I knew I couldn’t try them at home. I wrote a haul post for all of my makeup purchases which you can check out here, if you’re curious about the other purchases I made.

Moving on to the actual product, I picked these up since I packed very lightly makeup-wise and wanted to doll-myself up a bit for our visit to Niagara Falls (I also wrote about it here, to avoid going on about it again in this post). This is a liquid eyeliner, which are my general preference since I love how alluring they can make the eyes without requiring too much effort. These are by the brand Hard Candy, and I picked up two shades: which are “Little Black Dress” and “Oh Fudge“.

Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous Liquid Eyeliner

What attracted me to these eyeliners above the others in the Target where I found them (I’m pretty sure it was Target…) was that they are a felt-tip liner, which I personally prefer over brush style liners. I suck at lining my eyes with a steady hand, and felt-tip liners are a bit more forgiving if my hands aren’t completely steady. I also have a tendency to line my eyes with a thin cat-eye so the thin-precision tip is ideal for pulling off that kind of look.

Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous Liquid Eyeliner

As for the pigmentation, they’re a love-hate product in that respect. The first one of these liners I tried was the brown shade, and when I tried using it while I was in my boyfriend’s bathroom in Canada, it was just so lack-luster, to the point I used the black shade over the top, praying I could correct my eye makeup without starting again. The black shade certainly helped overcome this and of the two it is my preferred shade – which is unusual for me.

Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous Eyeliner in Action

Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous Eyeliner in Action

The applicator itself is where I start to feel really disappointed. I didn’t really notice it at first when I was using it in Canada, but in the past month or so, I’ve been trying these eyeliners out on a frequent basis – my other eyeliners, the Dolly Wink ones, are nearing their end in my collection and I wanted to be sure these were good replacements as I switched between them. What upsets me about these liners is how unfriendly they are on the skin itself. I can accept slightly tugging on the eyelids since it’s a solid applicator and it’s just how it goes. But these applicators are very abrasive to the point that my eyes sometimes water and my eyelids start to burn.

Regarding the consistency of the liner itself, while the photos I’ve shown you really demonstrate these eyeliners at their best, they can also lose their pigmentation altogether. It’s extremely frustrating and because of the irritation factor that I’ve been experiencing, I plan on taking them out of my collection. If it were a case of the pigmentation needing a little work, I would push on and use them the best I can, but because of the irritation issues, I think it’s best I stop using them now. I did however want to write this review because I’m also curious if this happens to anyone else who has tried them. Has this happened to you too? Or am I just unfortunate with the ones I picked up? Or… Maybe my eyes are even more sensitive than I initially realised?

I would love to hear your opinions, because I started out loving these eyeliners, and now I’m feeling very conflicted. I certainly don’t want to push anyone from ever using these liners, but if you do have sensitivity issues, then I suggest approaching them with caution. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I really can’t express my gratitude enough. I plan on posting a skin care review on Wednesday, and I hope you’ll consider checking it out when it is published.

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2 Responses to Review: Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous Liquid Eyeliner

  1. Maddie says:

    Thank you for this! I bought this eyeliner and all day my eyes were hurting really bad. I washed my makeup off and my eyelids were SWOLLEN and burned!!!! I don’t have sensitive eyes at all and have never had this problem with makeup… I changed my mascaras thinking that it was them but it’s still happening and I just realied I’ve been using this eyeliner as my base to draw my wing.. so upset! My eyes are soooo irritated from it. Takes a few days for swelling to even go down.
    At least I’m not the only one!!!

    • Hollypop says:

      I’m sorry to hear you had an unpleasant reaction to these eyeliners as well, but I am relieved in a way I could help you figure out the cause of your irritation sooner rather than later! I hope your eyes are feeling better by now, and the swelling wasn’t too uncomfortable to deal with. 🙁

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