Review: Hard Candy Brows Now! Brow Fiber Gel + Highlighter


So as many Brits reading this will be plenty aware of, we’re hard out of luck for getting certain brands, including Hard Candy which I’ve read about and then found for myself during my visit to Canada. I wrote about them in haul post, so if you want to check out the other products I bought, or you have read it and want remind yourself, click here. The one I want to review today is the Brows Now! Brow Fiber Gel + Highlighter, in the shade 850 Medium/Dark. I have naturally dark hair, so although I didn’t swatch this when I bought it, I had an inkling this was probably the most appropriate shade for me.


Off the bat, I want to say this is a really nice concept for a brow product – I normally don’t use gels to set my brows (they’re a lost cause really) but while I was visiting Canada I didn’t want the hassle of taking a brow powder set or a pencil I couldn’t necessarily sharpen. Throughout the trip, the packaging was very much in-tact and durable, the plastic covering the highlighter has split ever so slightly, but I honestly don’t mind. In the last few weeks however, the brow side has completely severed from the rest of the product, although it is still completely usable – more of a shock that it happened.


The brow gel mechanism is just a twist type of cap, so you can still get the brow wand free by the original means when the product was completely whole. It kind of sucks, but at the same time, I now have the option to put the highlighter side away with my other eyeshadow sticks if I want, although I typically don’t. The wand itself is quite petite and is great for anyone with medium to thicker brows. It works great for me, and the gel can go from subtle (which I prefer) to more intense if you layer it up.


On my brows, I think it works best for setting my first brow pencil/sponge, since I do have naturally dark hair, and although they look better filled in, I use this gel predominantly to keep the hairs in place. My brow hairs are naturally quite long and otherwise sparse, so if one hair moves out of my place, my brows immediately look like messy. Also, apologies for the awkward selfie/close-up, I’m not used to pointing a camera at myself like this. I think this demonstrates reasonably well what I mean though – my brows look pretty tamed but it doesn’t look over the top unless you want it to.


As for the swatches for a truer sense of what you’re looking at: I have to say I am happy with my guess at which shade was best for me. I’m too low maintenance to worry about the two-shades of brows to really define like some bloggers and YouTubers do, but I think this works great. The higlighter shade is a nice subtle shimmery champagne-ish colour which is great for the eyes. I don’t really use shimmer under my brows, but I can see this looking great on people who do like to highlight this way. On the eyes, it’s a great shade to apply on the inner corners or if you want a minimalist look, just a dab on the centre of the eyelid to add some subtle sparkle to the eyes. It’s reasonably long lasting even on my oily eyelids and although it does fade, it fades quite gracefully.

Will I repurchase this again? If I ever find myself back in Canada or in the States, I’ll definitely do so. But for the time being I’m going to enjoy this product while I have it, but I do have other brow products to try out too. I do however highly recommend this product since it’s pretty versatile for it’s dual end uses, but also just that it can be used as a subtle part of your makeup routine, or you can layer it up to something more striking and intense.

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