Review: GOSH Velvet Touch Lipsticks

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipsticks

Happy Wednesday! At long last, I’m finally reviewing the GOSH Velvet Touch Lipsticks, which I own in 3 shades. These have been in my collection for quite a long time, and I want to sit down today and talk about my thoughts about them.

These lipsticks retail for £7.99 each, and I bought all 3 shades together while they were on a 3 for 2 offer. These can be found exclusively in Superdrug here in the UK.

This lipstick line according to GOSH’s website claim to:

“VELVET TOUCH LIPSTICK gives an intense and long lasting colour to the lips due to a high concentration of colour pigments.
This amazing creamy lipstick contains light reflecting pigments, which give the lips a bright and shiny look. The colour pay-off is fantastic and it stays put on the lips for hours and hours.”

Quoted from:

So these aim to be high impact lipsticks with a creamy and comfortable feel on the lips. I find the claims about being shiny and light reflecting a little strange, but I suspect this is for specific parts of the range, and not for the entire line.

The 3 shades I own all from the matte section of the line, in the shades ‘002 Matt Rose‘, ‘006 Matt Raspberry‘ and ‘008 Matt Plum‘ respectively.

The packaging itself is a gorgeous sleek black tube. The middle of the tube has a reflective portion with the brand’s name printed into it, which separates the lid from the rest of the tube. It’s very sleek and looks beautiful when on display. The bottom of the tube, as photographed above, display the name of the shade and a colour-coded indication on the sticker. While this little sticker is handy to have at all, that it’s viewable from the bottom makes it a little tricky to identify each shade.

I personally group my lip products into colour groups, so I can pick these out fairly easily, but if you’re the kind of collector who likes to group by brands, you’ll find yourself picking up tubes and checking the bottom a lot. If I could suggest a change, I’d suggest using that central part of the tube with the brand’s name on it to colour-code the products. It would stand out a lot more, and with the shiny reflective material, it would like tasteful, in my opinion.

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipsticks

The lipstick bullets themselves are a pointed tear-shape, which is very convenient for getting a precise application around the cupid’s bow. The shade ‘002 Matt Rose‘ is a little bit worn down as it’s my most-used shade, but the pink in the middle really demonstrates the shape out of the tube.

Of the three shades, ‘002 Matt Rose‘ is my go-to shade, with the other two being much less loved in comparison. I picked the latter 2 shades to really try shades that are out of my comfort zone, so I didn’t expect to use them as much.

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipsticks

The 3 shades themselves are extremely gorgeous and pigmented straight out of the tube.

002 Matt Rose‘ is my go-to MLBB shade, which is a rosey-pink nude sort of shade. It’s slightly cooler than my natural lip colour, but still very flattering. This is the most universal lip shade for me, and one I’ve worn year round. This is also the most-used lipstick I’ve ever used, which is astonishing for me.

006 Matt Raspberry‘ is a very bright cool-tone fuchsia pink, and the most out of my comfort zone. It’s a very pigmented and bold, and one I try to wear dabbed gently over a lip balm for a more sheer tint. At full pigmentation it’s too intimidating, but I am still experimenting with it in terms of my self-confidence.

008 Matt Plum‘ is a gorgeous cool-toned berry shade, which is right up my alley. It’s definitely a push outside of my comfort zone, but for the days I want a slightly vampy or autumnal-wintry vibe, this is the kind of shade I think of. Of the 3 shades I own, this is the least consistent when swatched, but that’s me being nit-picky.

I intended to do swatches on my lips, but sadly ‘002 Matt Rose‘ has started to expire after a couple of years of consistent use. The other two shades are still in good condition, but that’s probably because they’re used much less often.

In terms of the formula, this is one of those formulas that swatches fairly creamy, but on my lips has a bit more friction. My routine for this lipstick is to make sure my lips are appropriately exfoliated beforehand, and apply on top of a lip balm that’s had some time to sink in.

If I apply directly after a lip balm, I find the pigmentation doesn’t translate properly to the lips. I don’t mind a slightly toned down lipstick, but I find lip balm makes the pigmentation uneven. This is especially obvious with the ‘006 Matt Raspberry‘ and ‘008 Matt Plum‘ which really stand out and look gorgeous when consistent.

This also isn’t a formula I consider to be friendly for my lips without prior hydration, as there is some friction. This also means that reapplying throughout the day hasn’t been a very comfortable or flattering experience. While claims to be creamy, these specific shades are from the matte portion of the line, and the formula reflects that on my lips. My lips aren’t especially dry or flaky, but they definitely won’t be flattering if these are issues you struggle with.

So they are a bit more high maintenance in that regard. But if you prepare your lips appropriately, these will look gorgeous.

One of the things I find is that these don’t wear down in a particularly flattering way, especially the bolder shades. ‘002 Matt Rose‘ is a bit of an exception for me as it is a very natural shade, but none of the shades are transfer-proof.

Overall, these shades are absolutely stunning, but I think for me the formula needs to move towards a ‘satin’ look, as I find a lot of satin lipsticks eventually set to a more matte appearance, while still feeling very comfortable. So while I do enjoy these shades upon initial application, these aren’t ones I plan to repurchase unless there’s been a change in formula since I bought them.

The shade ‘002 Matt Rose’ will be going into this month’s empties post as it has expired, but for the time being I will experiment with my two remaining shades to see if I want to keep them around.

So thank you for taking the time to read to my blog post, it means so much to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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