Review: GOSH Eyelight Trio

GOSH Eyelight Trio

Happy Wednesday! Today, I want to review an eyeshadow trio I’ve been using for the past few months. I’ve included this in my Spring & Summer Go-To Eyeshadow post, and this is the GOSH Eyelight Trio, in the shade selection called “002 Fairytale“. I think these were limited edition, but I wanted to review these just in case you are still able to find these somewhere. I picked up both variations when they were available, but decluttered the shade selection “001 Three of a Kind“, which featured warmer tones that didn’t quite look right on me.

GOSH Eyelight Trio

This is a very pink-based palette, which feels like a very spring-themed trio. From top to bottom there’s a very pink-based white eyeshadow, a lilac eyeshadow, and a light pink. They are all shimmer-based eyeshadows, so this isn’t a trio I feel like I can use on its own to create eye looks. This has been a nice companion to other eyeshadows though, and I usually use two shades at a given time.

GOSH Eyelight Trio
I’m awkward when taking photos of myself, please forgive me.

The most-used shade is the top shade, which I love to use as an inner-corner highlight shade. As much as I love purple, I find that the lilac struggles to show up properly on my eyelids compared to the pink. The pink shade is one I have to pair with neutral shades or I risk looking like I have allergies. I’m currently working through one of my de-potted eyeshadows as part of my project pan, which is the core of my eyeshadow looks at the moment, and I love pairing this trio to add subtle pops of colour to my brown eyeshadow looks.

As you can see from my photograph above, the inner corner highlight really pops, and it’s my favourite shade from the trio. I also used the pink shade on the inner-third of my eyes, although I feel like it barely stands out. Whether that’s a positive or negative is really up to your personal preference, but for me this is fine. I’m quite insecure when it comes to makeup, so makeup that looks more on the subtle side makes me feel less insecure. You can improve the pigmentation by applying them with a damp or wet brush, which does help a bit.

GOSH Eyelight Trio

Swatched however, it really shows how shimmery each shade is, with the lilac and white shade being the most shimmery of the three. The white shade is definitely more pigmented when applied with a detailed brush, which is how I like to apply it to my inner corners. My flat travel brush is how I like to apply the pink or lilac shade to my inner-thirds, and is fairly subtle unless I dampen the brush.

I find these shades do last all day, especially the white, as my inner corners are still looking bright and shimmery even at the end of a long day. I think if you see a specific colour combination from these trios that you like, I think they’re worth reaching out for. But if you want palettes that can be used on their own, then I’d give these a miss. I plan to de-pot the white shade if I can and put it in my magnetic palette. The other two shades don’t quite inspire me, so I want to pass them along or get rid of them, depending on what my options are. I don’t see myself ever finishing the lilac or pink shade, but the white is one I can easily pair with most eye looks.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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