Review: GOSH All in One BB Powder

GOSH All in One BB Powder

Happy Wednesday, today I want to talk about one of the staples in my makeup collection that I don’t really switch up often. This is my setting powder, and specifically, I’ve been trying out the GOSH All in One BB Powder, which I own in the shade ‘02 Sand‘.

GOSH is a cruelty-free and vegan brand, which is sold exclusively in Superdrug here in the UK. I’ve tried a handful of their products in the past, including reviews for their Velvet Touch Eyeliner, their Giant Blush, their Brow Kit, among others. I wouldn’t say I know their brand in tons of depth, but having tried some products across multiple makeup categories, I do feel like I’m slowly building up experience. So it’s refreshing for me to try one of their base products, starting with a staple for me, being a setting powder.

GOSH All in One BB Powder

To the best of my knowledge, ‘02 Sand‘ is the lightest shade in this line, which is a weird numbering convention to me. The Mineral Powder line also follows a similar convention, and I will be comparing to it as well, in the shade ‘002 Ivory‘.

So as far as claims go, as the name alludes, it claims to be an all in one product including:

“GOSH BB Powder is ideal for a flawlessly matte finish and a natural look.


The silky and creamy BB Powder combines light-coverage makeup with the added benefits of moisturizing skincare. It blends flawlessly with the GOSH BBs Cream and is also perfect to use with any foundation or on its own for a gorgeously natural and mattifying look.

– Light Coverage.
– Natural look.
– Matt finish /Anti-shine.
– Moisturizing.
– Silky & Creamy.
– 4 shades to match GOSH BB Cream.
– Perfume and parabene free.”

Quoted from Superdrug’s product page for the shade ’06’.

So first and foremost, the product aims to be a light-coverage setting powder, which to me means both not much coverage in terms of concealing imperfections, but also light-weight in terms of how it feels and sits on the skin. When it comes to setting powders, while I actively choose to use a setting powder with pigment in it to match my skin, it’s not what I depend on for coverage. So for me, this is absolutely ideal, as I use concealers for coverage, and a setting powder just helps keep it in place, and any extra coverage is just a bonus.

I also like to have as natural a looking makeup look as possible, as my makeup tends to be fairly minimalist and lightweight. For me, this is about making sure my skin can breath through any makeup I wear, so I rarely wear foundation, let alone any other layers on top. At this current moment, I don’t own any foundations. Like I mentioned earlier, I typically use concealers for coverage, so my intention is to minimise imperfections like acne scars, acne, any sallowness or redness, etc. I don’t mind them showing through a bit as I prioritise letting my skin breath rather than hiding everything. So a setting powder that can help give me that extra bit of coverage and keep my concealer in place and look natural while doing so, is right up my alley.

As someone with oily and sensitive skin, mattifying powders are a core part of my makeup routine. And being able to set my base makeup down to be matte from the start appeals to me. I don’t use this to touch-up throughout the day, as I have a separate mattifying powder for that, but I do like to start my makeup matte and maintain it to the best of my ability throughout the day. So this is another claim that appeals to me as a consumer.

A powder being moisturising is one of those claims that’s a bit strange to me. It’s not what I look for in a powder, although my understanding is that it means to be non-drying, as I’m not sure how a powder can be directly moisturising. So it’s this non-drying aspect that I’m going to discuss later, as I can measure that.

In terms of being silky and creamy, the former is one I can definitely vouch for. My skin feels very silky after application, and I like to help pat the powder in with my fingers and the palm of my hands. This isn’t really necessary, but it’s nice to feel the silky nature of the powder on the skin. I’m not sure ‘creamy’ is the right word for this powder, but I would call it smooth and pleasant to the touch.

GOSH All in One BB Powder

The packaging is quite simple: a small button on the front of the compact to press open, revealing a mirror inside the lid, and then the powder inside. The compact does contain a small powder puff, however I never use it. I prefer to use the EcoTools Retractable Kabuki Brush for applying powders, so the powder puff isn’t useful to me.

GOSH All in One BB Powder

There’s also a clear circular plastic sleeve to separate the powder puff from the powder underneath. As you can see from my photograph above, I have hit pan already. I started using the product mid-June 2019, so not even a month yet. As the product retails for £9.99 at full price, it’s quite disappointing to hit pan so quickly in less than a month’s use. If you’re interested in buying this powder, I suggest waiting for a sale at least, so you get better value for your money.

GOSH All in One BB Powder
Left: GOSH All in One BB Powder. Right: GOSH Mineral Powder.

As far as the shade is concerned, it’s a tiny bit too dark for my skin, but as I use the EcoTools Retractable Kabuki Brush to apply powders, it does sheer it out. When I did test the powder on my skin using the powder puff provided, it was more obvious that it was too dark for my skin.

On the right, I also swatched the GOSH Mineral Powder in the shade ‘002 Ivory‘, which in spite of how it appears on my hand, is even darker. I feel like natural sunlight obscures the difference, but from trying the mineral powder on my skin using the kabuki brush, my face looked quite orange and dark compared to the BB powder. I can make the BB powder work for the summer time, but the mineral powder I cannot. So this is worth bearing in mind if you’re also very pale. If you can make other base products work from other brands, then you can probably make this shade work. But if like me, you find even the palest shades from a lot of brands are still too dark, you may want to give these powders a miss. Of course, if you’re able to swatch them in-person, that’s even better.

As far as coverage goes, I do agree that it’s lightweight, and it does mattify the face. I use this to set my concealer, but also tone down and remaining redness on the rest of my face. For example, I avoid applying concealer on and around my nose because I prefer to let my pores breath, but I do like that this powder tones down any redness on and around my nose. It won’t conceal acne or my pores using this powder alone, but it does tone it down a little bit. It helps prepare my T-zone to be matte from the start of the day, so my skin starts off on the right track. I do need to touch-up with my mattifying powder throughout the day, usually starting from around 3-4 hours after I finish my makeup, but that to me is expected, as my skin (especially my T-zone) is very oily especially during the summer time.

Overall, it’s a nice setting powder, but because it’s slightly too dark for my skin, I won’t be repurchasing it. Like I said earlier, if this can match your skin, it’s ideal to wait for it to go on sale, as £9.99 is a lot of money for a product I hit pan on in roughly 2 weeks, or just skip it entirely if you can find a longer-lasting alternative. So this is one of those middle of the road products for me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope this review was helpful for you, especially if you’re like me and google reviews while you’re in-store. If I helped you make your decision, I’d love to hear about it. If not, I completely understand and hope you have a wonderful day.

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