Review: GOSH 3in1 Hybrid Eyes

GOSH 3in1 Hybrid Eyes

Happy Wednesday, today I’m talking about a makeup product I’ve been quite excited to get experience with, which is the GOSH 3in1 Hybrid Eyes. I picked this up during a haul in February of this year, which I wrote a post about here. This retails for £9.99 at full price, which is definitely on the pricier side in terms of what I normally am prepared to pay for an eye product.

The product has an interesting claim that really stood out to me on the shelf, which you’ve probably guessed from the name. The claim I’m referring to is the “3 in 1” multi-use purpose, which specifically are an eyeshadow, an eyeliner and a brow liner. The idea of a multi-purpose product really appeals to me as I prefer keeping my makeup routine and my collection as a whole fairly minimal, as I want to be able to use up entire products and have as little waste as possible. This multi-use concept really appeals to me for that reason as I’m dedicating time and effort to using a product for multiple purposes, and therefore more likely to use it up before it expires. The product has a 6 month shelf life, likely because it’s a cream-based formula, so there isn’t a long window to use this up before it’s expected to go off. That doesn’t mean it can’t last longer, but this does set some expectations for me.

GOSH 3in1 Hybrid Eyes

The packaging is simple and sweet: a clear glass pot with a black twist-off lid which has the brands name embossed on it. It’s very sleek and pretty in my opinion, with the shade visible through the clear glass pot. If you have multiple shades from this line, this really helps make them stand out from each other, although I only own the one shade: ‘001 Sand‘.

GOSH 3in1 Hybrid Eyes

The shades vary from the lightest, which I own which is a fairly pale skin tone shade, to a black shade at the darkest end. I picked out the shade ‘001 Sand‘ with the intention of being an everyday eyeshadow base, being a close enough shade to my natural skin colour. As you can see from my photo swatch above, it is slightly too dark compared to my skin tone, but blended out it’s close enough that I can make it work.

GOSH 3in1 Hybrid Eyes

On my eyes, it’s a subtle wash of colour that I use to tone down the often persistent veins that try to peak through on my eyelids. I feel like my photo doesn’t do justice the work it does do my skin, although even in-person it is subtle.

This for me is perfectly fine, as I often use it as an eyeshadow base to apply powder shadows on top of, rather than being something I want to be centre-stage in my makeup look. On days I’m really feeling lazy or want a no-makeup look, I’ll use this on the eyelids alone or set with The Body Shop Colour Crush single eyeshadow in ‘Sand By Me‘ (oh hey, a theme!) which is also a skin tone shade.

GOSH 3in1 Hybrid Eyes

Most of the time, I use this as an eyeshadow base as I am experimenting with different eyeshadows at the moment to either find or cement my go-tos which I discussed in a post recently. I used it for the look above where it performed as an eyeshadow base, and does keep my eyeshadow on all day and doesn’t make eyeshadow apply weirdly.

As far as an eyeliner goes, this isn’t a shade I’d personally attempt to line my eyes with. Because it is so close to a natural skin tone, it’s not the kind of colour I’d use to line my eyes, but if you pick up a shade that’s a match or slightly lighter than your skin tone, I can see it being a good highlighter cream-based product for lining under the brow if you want to really make your brows stand out. This shade is too dark for me to do that, but if you have a deep skin tone than me, that’s a potential option for you in terms of the multi-purpose claims.

Having mentioned the brows, this shade is definitely not a ‘brow’ liner shade by any stretch of the imagination for me. As you can see from my photos above, I have very dark hair, so at best I’d look to the shade ‘004 Grey Brown‘ instead if I wanted to use this line of products to fill in my brows. However I wouldn’t use that shade on my eyes, as I prefer to have a skin tone based base for as much flexibility as possible. However, I would consider it as an eyeliner depending on how it swatches.

So in terms of the “3 in 1” claim, ‘001 Sand‘ is not that for me, as it only serves as an eyeshadow base for me. However, as I mentioned already, this could do 2 of the 3 claims if you’re not as pale as I am, as it could function for the brows to an extent. I feel like the latter 3 shades ‘004 Grey Brown‘, ‘005 Brown‘ and ‘006 Black‘ respectively, do have the potential to do all 3 claims depending on your makeup needs and hair colour.

As far as the formula goes, I find it’s semi-creamy/dry. It’s easy to apply to the eyelids, but it’s also not extremely creamy or drying. I don’t have strong feelings about the formula, but it applies best in light layers, which you can build up. Applying in heavy layers can make it look crepe-y, but in light layers you have more control in blending it out. It’s the application in light layers that really gives it that subtlety for me, which is fine for my makeup needs.

Is this product worth the £9.99 price tag? Honestly, I’m unsure. I love this product because it’s my go-to eyeshadow base, because it’s so flexible for any eyeshadow look I want to make (or not have one at all). However, £9.99 is a lot of money to spend on a product that doesn’t quite match my skin tone either. As I’ve said before, I can make this shade work, but I’d rather not have to settle if other cruelty-free options are out there that could match my super pale skin. For now I’m content using it up, and if you find a shade or two that you really gel with, I suggest picking them up if they’re on sale or if there’s any offers for them.

That concludes my review of the GOSH 3in1 Hybrid Eyes. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy and I’ll speak to you again soon!

Makeup Products Used:

  • MUA Brow Define Micro Precision Eyebrow Pencil (in ‘Dark Brown‘) Reviewed here.
  • GOSH Brow Kit (in ‘001‘) Reviewed here.
  • L’OREAL Brow Artist Plumper ‘(in ‘Medium/Dark‘) Reviewed here.
  • GOSH 3in1 Hybrid Eyes (in ‘001 Sand‘)
  • NYX Nude Matte Eyeshadow (in ‘Blame It On Midnight‘)
  • 17 Eyes single eyeshadow (in ‘Statuesque‘)
  • E.L.F. Single Eyeshadow (in ‘Pebble‘)
  • The Body Shop Colour Crush (in ‘Sand By Me‘)
  • Essence The Velvets (in ‘01 Fluffy Clouds‘)
  • NYX Epic Ink Liner (in ‘Brown‘)
  • Barry M Dazzle Dust (in ‘105 Athena‘)
  • Benefit The Porefessional (travel size) First impression, here.
  • Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect CC Eye Cream (in ‘21 Ivory‘) Reviewed here.
  • Fashionista Style Icon Catwalk 360° Pressed Powder Compact (in ‘Fair‘)
  • GOSH Giant Blush (in ‘04 Passion‘)
  • MUA Super Stylo Satin Finish Lipstick (in ‘World Class‘)

Makeup Tools Used:

  • The Body Shop Smudger Brush
  • B. Eye Contour Brush
  • Eco Tools eyeshadow brush (name has smudged off)
  • Real Techniques Shading Brush
  • Eco Tools Highlighting Brush (from travel set)
  • Eco Tools Eye Shading Brush (from travel set)
  • Eco Tools Smudge Brush (from travel set)
  • Eco Tools Kabuki Brush

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