Review: Good Things Manuka Honey Scrub


As someone with awkward skin – my oily yet sensitive temperament – finding face scrubs that help refine my skin yet don’t aggravate and leave my skin uncomfortable can be a tricky thing to find a product. It seems to be the case you can’t have both: you can have nicely polished skin but your skin feels red and sore afterwards, or you avoid causing irritation, but the scrub doesn’t do the job you need it to and you’re left with dead skin still not completely buffed away. So I’m constantly on the hunt for the scrub that can find that balance.

This time I picked up the Good Things Manuka Honey Refining Scrub, which you can pick up from Boots for approximately £4.99 when there aren’t any offers going. Although I have to admit I managed to find this by chance in TK Maxx for approximately £3.00. This brand is one I have reviewed before (their gel cleanser which you can find my review here) and so I thought I would visit their range again since I initially picked this up when I first noticed their honey range was new (to me at least) on the shelves (and even better when I found it even cheaper). While this has sat in my stash for a while, it has conveniently been added to my routine during the colder time of year, when my skin really needs the extra gentleness thanks to the cold weather, that I hoped this product would give.

So this scrub is part of the Good Things Manuka Honey range, boasting as well the key ingredients of almond oil and oatmeal. Honey has been talked about over and over as an extremely moisturising for the skin, with almond oil also boasting the same benefits. If you’ve read this post here you’ll know that I took interest in using oatmeal in my skincare routine, having seen YouTuber Bubzbeauty share her story of how it helped improve her skin. I kind of gave into in again, and won’t deny that this did help me give in to buy this product.


The scrub itself is a mixture of medium sized grains in a cream. The granules don’t scratch the skin as long as you’re gentle (seriously, no need to pull at your skin) and the creamy texture helps the grains move over the skin smoothly without causing uncomfortable friction. The grains do a reasonably good job of exfoliating the skin: my skin tends to feel a lot softer and smoother afterwards. The cream also really helps to cleanse and soften the skin afterwards. It’s remarkable how soft my skin feels once I’ve washed all of the grains off my face. I’m also very happy it hasn’t caused any irritation to my skin, which can be the case with a lot of scrubs I’ve used.

With this in mind, I only use this when I’m showering since this product can easily become a hassle to wash off: the grains and the cream naturally run the risk of getting stuck in the hairline – which is not a nice look. However, if you’re good at avoiding this, then this could be a good product to use as part of your routine. At the moment, this has been my go-to scrub 2-3 times a week when I visit home.

I’m finding I’m preferring this over the scrub I keep at my flat, so I’m quite impressed with this. It does a great job of buffing the majority of the dead skin off the face, although it’s not perfect. I’m happy it hasn’t caused any skin irritation, which is something I’m always nervous about when buying skincare products.

So have you tried this one before? Or is this brand new to you? I would love to hear your thoughts. Or, if you have any suggestions for a face scrub that might work, I and other people would love to hear about it.

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