Review: Global Beauty Care Vitamin C Facial Oil

Global Beauty Care Vitamin C Facial Oil

Kicking off a new week, I want to talk about a product that’s been in my night time skincare routine for the past month or so, which is the Global Beauty Care Vitamin C Facial Oil. It’s a purchase I made a while ago from TK Maxx for £4.99, which is really affordable, in my opinion. I also have the Retinol Facial Oil stashed away as well, but I wanted to try this one first for a few reasons I’ll address a little later in the post.

The brand itself has a wide variety of products you can check out from their website here, but the products I’m personally familiar with are their facial oils and their sheets masks, which I’ve seen in the TK Maxx store in my hometown.

Global Beauty Care Vitamin C Facial Oil

So let’s start with the claims. I forgot to photograph the bottle with the box, but here’s a photo of the side of the box with the claims. So to start off:

“Our quick absorbing and moisturizing facial oil contains the powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin C, which offers superior protection from the signs of aging. It helps to boost collagen production, improve elasticity, promotes cell regeneration and protects against environmental aggressors. Use daily to smooth skin texture and dramatically brighten its appearance. Imperfections and fine are diminished, creating a visibly glowing, radiant complexion.”

Unsurprisingly, the claims are very promising and appealing, but what attracted me to the product was the “promotes cell regeneration” claim, as I have oily-sensitive skin that’s prone to breaking out, which means I often have to deal with acne scarring. These scars can take as long as a few days, to weeks to heal and it’s unpredictable when new scars might show up somewhere else, so it’s a skin issue I find myself easily stressed about.

The other claims aren’t as high priority to me but still beneficial. I’m in my early-mid twenties, so the elasticity of my skin isn’t an issue I’ve yet to worry about, but adequate hydration is important to me as my skin is often dehydrated which contributes to some of the oiliness of my skin.

The final claims I think are worth noting are:

“PH Balanced. Hypoallergenic. Not tested on animals.”

It’s nice to know the product is designed and allegedly tested to be hypoallergenic. It doesn’t claim to be cruelty-free, but does claim to not test on animals. It’s not Leaping Bunny Approved as of the time I’m writing this post, so bear this in mind. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything specifically about being either cruelty-free or not, but I think this is worth considering if this is an important factor for you. If this were a recent purchase, I would have avoided this product because of the lack of clarity, but I did buy this before I started being more actively cruelty-free.

Moving on to the packaging, as you can see from my header photo, the packaging is a glass bottle, with a pipette and a plastic cover. The plastic cover for mine is a little bit damaged and cracked. The plastic cover slips off very easily when you try to lift the lid, so bear this in mind as it’s easy to not think about it and drop the bottle on the table, floor, etc.

The pipette takes a lot of twisting and effort, so there’s almost no risk of it spilling product. When dispensing product, it leaks from the pipette without squeezing the rubber handle, so it can be a little messy or tricky to control the product, which is a negative factor for me.

Global Beauty Care Vitamin C Facial Oil

The formula itself is definitely true to what I expect a facial oil to be: it’s very slick, oily but also very watery and easy to smooth over the skin. It’s extremely intimidating for me to use because my oily skin dreads the oiliness of the texture.

First of all, I made the mistake of using this like a serum in my night time routine, which just doesn’t quite fit well for me. While I think this would work great for dry skin types, my oily skin does find this a bit too much.

Whether this is actually “quick absorbing” is highly dependent on your personal definition of “quick” as I find this requires a couple of minutes to absorb fully before I can move on to the following steps of my night time routine. For me, I don’t consider that ‘quick’ but it is fast for some other facial oils I’ve tried, so that’s worth considering.

I initially started using this as an all-over facial oil/serum product, and quickly found this was too oily in texture for my t-zone. While it didn’t make my skin ‘more’ oily, it did leave the texture of my nose and chin particularly, feeling a little bit greasy and uncomfortable, with my forehead also feeling a bit greasy, but not quite as much. My cheeks however, have phases where it feels greasy, but other days where it handles the formula just fine, which is the area of my face that is the least oily, but not quite ‘normal’ in skin type. So I feel relatively confident in saying that dry skin types will love this product as it’ll be much more complimentary.

However, it does feel good on the skin when it does eventually absorb, and I do notice my acne scars fade a little bit faster using this facial oil, so I intend to use product as more like a spot-treatment by applying to my acne scars exclusively rather than use it as an all-over treatment. When winter arrives I’ll try this as an all-over product again if my skin type changes, but that’s entirely speculation for now. It’s a product of trade-offs: do I tolerate the slightly oily texture for the healing benefits? It’s this question that leads me to think I want to try this as a topical treatment instead.

Overall, this is a great facial oil for dry skin types. Normal skin types I think would benefit from exercising caution, but oily skin types may want to skip it as it can make your skin oilier even though there are other benefits. I don’t regret this purchase, but I don’t feel inclined to repurchase as there will be other oils or skincare products that can do what this product can do that will be a better fit for my skin type.

Thank you so much for reading my post, it really means a lot to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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