Review: Ghost Eclipse

Ghost Eclipse

Happy Friday! Today is another day of reviewing something I don’t talk about often. I want to talk about my current on-the-go perfume at the moment, which is a little roll-on of the Ghost Eclipse perfume. This little roll-on is one I got from a magazine I picked up in Boots years ago, and has sat in my collection untouched until recently.

I recently finished up my bottle of the Essence of Beauty Lilies & Freesia Fine Fragrance Mist which is part of my project pan, so I wanted to grab a new fragrance to use. Like the Essence of Beauty fragrance, I am using this roll-on exclusively, and have been using most days since the beginning of this month.

The only other perfume from Ghost that I’ve tried is their Sweetheart scent, which my mum bought for me in my teens. I adore that scent and it’s one I think about from time to time. The only issue for me is that I’m not sure if Ghost is a cruelty-free company. There’s a lot of assumptions from what I’ve seen in my research of the brand, but there isn’t anything that definitively proves whether they are or not.

I picked this specific perfume out of my collection to use up as it seems like a warm, summery scent. I’m going to quote Superdrug’s product page for this product, which describes the scent as:

“GHOST Eclipse. Sparkling, fresh with a sensual base, Eclipse is playful, expressive and addictive. Get lost in the moment with this fruity floral fragrance. A tangling explosion of fruit notes set the senses on alert. Sweet Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Apple and Peach draw you into memories of crisp, care free summer days. In contrast, the romantic heart of Freesia, Lotus Flower and sensual Rose create a feeling of femininity with a soft playful character. Delicate touches of Amber and Musk bring sophistication and sensuality to this addictive and unforgettable fragrance. “

I agree that there’s a warm musky scent, although thankfully for my nose, I don’t pick up on the notes of lemon. The scent is warm, sensual and just shy of heavy for my nose, and not a scent I would describe as “fresh”. It’s the epitome of what summer smells like, and makes me think of warm sunsets. It’s this summery imagery that makes me want to use this up now rather than wait and use another fragrance in the meantime.

Ghost Eclipse

As this is a roller ball sample size, I roll the ball onto my wrists and rub them together. If you want you can then pat onto the neck, but I find my nose is happiest keeping the scent just to wrists, where I can still pick up on the scent, but it’s not in my face at all times.

When applied to the neck, this scent will last hours, but if you only apply to the wrists, you will need to reapply often. As I wash my hands often, I do wash the perfume off my wrists multiple times a day, so even though I’ve only been using this little roller ball for a few weeks, I am working through the bottle fairly quickly because I reapply several times throughout the day.

I’m really enjoying this perfume at the moment, and it sits on my desk at all times so I can keep touched up on this lovely scent. As I’m not sure if Ghost are cruelty-free, I won’t be repurchasing this perfume or Sweetheart until I get reliable information that proves if they are, but if you’re not worried about cruelty-free cosmetics, I think this is one worth testing out in-store if you’re able.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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