Review: Garnier Soothing Vitamin-Enriched Toner

So… I planned on getting this post out last Wednesday but as I tried to type up this post, WordPress wasn’t adding links or saving my drafts! I tried finding a way to rectify the issue and since I haven’t been able to figure why it’s not working, I’m typing this up now from my iPad so I can at least publish this post. I apologise sincerely and profusely, but this is my work-around and when WordPress wants to work for me, I will go back to my usual method.

Garnier Soothing Vitamin-Enriched Toner
The product I want to review is the toner I’ve had in my skin care routine for the past few months: this is the Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing Vitamin-Enriched Toner. You can find this product in Boots and Superdrug, where it retails at full price for £3.25 in Boots, and £2.99 in Superdrug. Both stores put this brand on sale from time to time, so you can find this even cheaper.

Garnier Soothing Vitamin-Enriched Toner
This particular toner is suggested to be suitable for sensitive skin, which is what drew me to this product. I have oily-mildly sensitive skin, and this is a particular step in my skin care routine where I decided to focus on treating the sensitivity of my skin. This toner also claims to not contain perfumes, alcohol or colourants, which is great for people with sensitive skin that reacts to one or more of these ingredients. Personally, alcohol in skin care can trigger my skin to react quite negatively, so this was definitely appealing.

I think it goes without saying, but this is a water-based toner, and although I didn’t really stick to my normal practice, but a little does go a long way. However, I usually soak a cotton pad and wipe my face and eyes very gently. This is one of the few products I would ever consider having contact with my eye area that isn’t my eye cream, and I haven’t had any irritation from doing this.

As for the packaging, the blue colour scheme definitely signifies the cooling and soothing effect that this toner gives, and I have to say it was a great design choice on that front. As far as the ergonomics and such, the cap is very sturdy and shuts reliably. I will admit that I haven’t travelled with this, as I haven’t needed to, but I do vouch that I wouldn’t be too worried about it potentially breaking open or spilling. If you have travelled with this product, what was your experience like? I think there will be others who would love to hear about your experience.

Overall, this a really nice toner. It’s a very understated part of my skin care routine, and this product is equally so. However, I do think this has done plenty of good for my skin, and like other products in my skin care routine, I’m not expecting miracles. That said, I’m not going to discredit it in any way: I live a normal life where I just need my skin to feel as comfortable as possible – whether that’s wearing makeup or not. Will I repurchase this product? I would definitely consider it, but like many parts of my makeup or skin care routine, I do have backups that I want to trial, but I plan on writing this down as a candidate for when I feel like I want to limit myself to products I just want to use that are reliable, rather than putting my skin and products to the test.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Again, I’m sorry this is a week late, but hopefully I can figure out how to get WordPress working properly for me soon, but I will blog from my iPad for the time being and try to reconstruct my routine again. If you have any questions about this product or any suggestions that you think will be good for my skin or for anyone with similar skin to mine, I will happily take suggestions with open arms. Until my next post, take care and I wish you the very best.

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