Review: Garnier Pure Active Wasabi Scrub

Garnier Pure Active Wasabi Scrub

It has been a little while since I started using this facial scrub, so today I want to talk about the one I’ve been using lately. This is the Garnier Pure Active Wasabi Scrub, which has been sat in my shower for the past few months. You can find this in both Boots and Superdrug for around £4.99, although you can check out the product here on Garnier’s website. When I first saw this in Boots, I remember it being marketed as a product strictly for men, however I don’t really buy into that kind of gendered approach to skincare, so I decided to buy it anyway. I have reviewed and talked about Garnier’s Charcoal Scrub, so I was curious if this would work any better for my skin.

This product claims to be “ultra-purifying” and ideal for “oily skin prone to imperfections”, which certainly fits one aspect of my skin type. I have oily and sensitive skin, so I wanted to put this scrub to the test.

Garnier Pure Active Wasabi Scrub

The packaging and the headline ingredient of wasabi definitely give this scrub a colourful and powerful image, especially since wasabi certainly can pack a punch on the taste buds, and I’m guessing they’re trying to imply a similar punch for your dead skin. Honestly, wasabi as an ingredient made me more nervous to use this on my skin that it did excite me, since my skin can be sensitive.

Garnier Pure Active Wasabi Scrub Swatch

As for the scrub itself, it is definitely not as gritty as the charcoal scrub I referred to earlier. But it does still have a certain amount of grittiness in it that I felt the need to be very careful when rubbing the product over my face. The gel the grains are contained in definitely helps ease the product over the skin, but it is too abrasive for my skin nonetheless. However, for skin that can handle more abrasion I think this will work for your skin, but I have changed to a different exfoliator as I have decided it’s too much for me.

Overall, this is an okay product, but doesn’t work too well for my skin. Like I’ve already said, if your skin isn’t particularly sensitive to physical abrasion, then I think this could work well for you. But if you’re more sensitive like myself, then it’s probably going to cause mild to more severe irritation.

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