Review: EGLIPS Multi Unique Sun Block SPF50+ PA+++

EGLIPS Multi Unique Sun Block SPF 50+ PA+++

Keeping my blog post consistency going this week, I want to review a product that is an unsung hero in my routine. The EGLIPS Multi Unique Sun Block SPF 50+ PA+++ is my first attempt at using Korean sun screen, which tend to be higher protection factor than most western sun screens.

As someone who is naturally pale and prone to sun burn very easily, it’s important I find a sun screen that protects my skin adequately. It’s also important that the sun screen also works well with my skin type, which is oily and sensitive. This is quite important because sun screen sits as a layer on the skin to protect it, so it needs to not only sit on the skin properly to do its job, but also co-exist on the skin and in the right conditions, not aggravate it. It’s this last part that usually worries me about sun screens, as my skin is not only oily and sensitive, but also very prone to breakouts. So I approached this product with some anxieties, so I think this is worth declaring.

EGLIPS Multi Unique Sun Block SPF 50+ PA+++

So what attracted me to this sun screen among many other Korean ones is the 50+ SPF rating, but more importantly the PA+++ which is not commonly seen in sun screens here in the UK. The PA element of sun screen rating isn’t really seen here in the UK, but seeing it on packaging provides an extra factor of trust when you look at it.

Before we talk about the sun screen itself, I want to talk about the packaging. The sun screen is contained with a plastic tube, with a black cap that twists off. The lid is extremely secure, and even when I’ve knocked this off my desk, the cap has never popped off. This makes it great to travel with, and I included this in my “Christmas Skincare Routine 2017:” post. To dispense the product, you just squeeze the tube, and a small hole dispenses it from the tube itself. I like this method personally, it let’s me have a lot of control over how much product. This is great for me because I use certain amounts for different areas of my face. For example, I’ll use less amount of sun screen to cover my nose than for my cheeks, forehead, etc, so I don’t overwhelm my skin with too heavy a layer.

EGLIPS Multi Unique Sun Block SPF 50+ PA+++

The sun screen itself is a white cream, which is very easy to smooth over the skin. I admit, I was intimidated by the texture at first, and although it is a little heavier than I would prefer to apply on my skin, it smooths out so easily and the feeling of it on the skin settles after a few minutes. As you can see from my photo, it is white-based and offers a slight white-cast initially, but this disappears after a few minutes as well. I find this mild white-cast helps minimise some redness, but this is more of an after-thought as I will apply a colour corrector and/or concealer on top to combat this properly, but I do think this is a factor to mention if you regularly wear sun screen. I only wear sun screen on days I leave the house which isn’t very often, as I work from home, so I spend most working days inside.

The texture on the screen is similar to that of a silicone-based makeup primer, so I find it helps makeup adhere better to my face where it’s already smooth. But with flaky areas of my face, I find that the sun screen and products applied on the same area are prone to just flaking off, which is the same experience I have with silicone-based primers as well. So if you have drier skin or acne prone skin, this is a sun screen to consider with some caution. The flaking for me is usually around the sides of my nose where I find I’m also oiliest, which may be a factor that causes the flaky appearance.

Over the several months I’ve been using this product, I’ve been quite happy with it. Aside from the flaking that sometimes happens around the sides of my nose, I don’t have any major issues. It hasn’t caused any breakouts for me or caused any irritations. I don’t think this is the perfect fit for my oily skin though, from my flaking experiences around my nose. Will I purchase this again? Probably not, but this is heavily influenced by my desire to try other Korean sun screens, and not the fault of this product. I think this product will work great on normal to drier skin types.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means a lot to me that you took time out of your day. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll see you next week in my next blog post.

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