Review: E.L.F. Lock On Liner and Brow Cream

E.L.F. Lock On Liner and Brow Cream

Happy Wednesday! Today I want to talk about a makeup product I’ve been testing out for just over a month now, on an almost daily basis. This is the E.L.F. Lock On Liner and Brow Cream, in the shade ‘Espresso‘. This is my current on the go eyeliner right now, and I was intrigued to try a cream liner to see if it would work for me. The product retails for £5.00, and can be picked up from Superdrug if you’re in the UK.

I typically use pen-style eyeliners as they’re very easy to work with, especially with my shaky hands. But at the time I bought this, I was eager to try something new, and when I used up my last eyeliner, I urged myself to put my other backup eyeliners to the side so I can try this out. It’s really easy for me to just stick to what I’m comfortable with, but I also want to experiment sometimes, and this felt like a good opportunity to do so.

The product itself, as the name suggests, is designed to be used as two potential steps in your makeup routine. The first, and what I use it for, is as an eyeliner. The second, is as a brow product, and it just so happens that the shade ‘Espresso‘ could potentially work with my naturally dark brown/almost black hair. I don’t use this as a brow product, but I have tried it a couple of times to be able to give a first impression of that function.

In terms of the packaging, it sits/hangs on the shelf in a cardboard box that appropriately displays the tub, as well as a strip of colour where the shade name is to give an indication of the shade. E.L.F. really pull off simple but informative packaging, so for me, I felt confident picking out the shade ‘Espresso‘ as a dark brown eyeliner colour. I wasn’t trying to find a match for my brows either, so that’s more of a coincidence.

This is packaged without a brow/liner brush, which I personally don’t mind. This could be a con if you’re just beginning with makeup and don’t own a lot of brushes. From my perspective though, I’m grateful for it as it would be a waste of materials on a brush I likely wouldn’t use beyond initial testing for reviewing purposes.

Instead, I use the NYX Pro Angled Eyeliner Brush, which is my favourite eyeliner brush in my collection. It gives a precise application on my eyelids, as well as a thin line. I have hooded eyelids, so it’s important for me that I can create a thin, even line, as eyeliner tends to transfer to my brow bone area if the line is too thick.

The tub itself has a twist-off cap, which has a satisfying amount of resistance to it that I know the cap won’t just pop off if I drop or knock it off my vanity by accident. But it also twists off easily enough that I don’t feel like I’m fighting with the packaging to get access to the cream itself. I can be quite clumsy, so it’s something I think about when it comes to the packaging of products, as I don’t want to shatter, spill or break my makeup if I can avoid it.

As you can see, the tub is very generously filled, up to where the neck of the tub starts. Being my typical self, I have worked from one spot and I’m working down through the same spot until I hit pan, so to speak. I then work outwards until I eventually empty a product. Being realistic with myself, I probably won’t work through this until it’s emptied, as it’ll probably dry out before I get that far. But of course, I’ll include this in a future empties post with my experience when that eventually happens.

You can also make out that there are dried flaky parts in my tub, where it’s dried up over time. These will flake off easily, and if I had noticed it sooner, I would have turned the tub upside down to tap them out to clean it out.

E.L.F. Lock On Liner and Brow Cream

As far as the cream goes, it’s not what I consider to be very pigmented as far as eyeliner formulas go. A little flake did come off on the brush, which had I cleaned them out earlier, wouldn’t have been a problem. I’m used to use liquid eyeliners which are more intense than this, but I can’t say I’m disappointed overall. There’s a subtlety to it that makes it work as both an eyeliner and a brow product, but I think it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

E.L.F. Lock On Liner and Brow Cream

I am working through an eyeshadow as part of my Project Pan, so I do apply this on my lids over the top of eyeshadow looks. I think this liner works best on its own as the pigmentation isn’t as strong as I prefer, but it does look nice on eyeshadows. It’s a more subtle look, but still very pretty.

If you don’t typically wear eyeshadow, this would probably work well for you, as the more subtle pigmentation won’t be drowned out by eyeshadows. I find the pigmentation itself can be inconsistent when picking it up on a makeup brush. I’m not sure if it’s the brush, or the cream, but I do need to re-dip into the tub a lot to get the pigmentation I like. I don’t really enjoy this, but I’m happy to work with it for the time being.

Over long days, this is fairly long-wearing. The wing of my eyeliners sometimes fade by the end of the day, but I find a lot of eyeliners do this, as I have oily eyelids.

As far as its use as a brow product, I find the inconsistent pigmentation makes it really awkward to use in my brows. So aside from the few times where I’ve tested it in my brows, I prefer to use my other brow products instead.

Overall, this is an okay product. It’s not outstanding for me, but it’s not terrible either. While I don’t use it as a dual-purpose product as its designed, I do think it’s a decent eyeliner when I get an even, pigmented application. However, as it’s not one I’m really excited about it, it’s not one I can really suggest for everyone. If you like a more subtle eyeliner, this is great. But if like me and you want something more pigmented, I suggest looking elsewhere. I don’t really suggest this as a brow product either, as I wasn’t satisfied with the way it look in my brows.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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