Review: Dermactin-TS Collagen Gel Under Eye Patches

Dermaticin Collagen Gel Patches

So I’ve been meaning to review these for months… These are gel under eye patches which work in a similar way to sheet masks do for the entire face, and something I find to be a really lovely pampering treat. These kinds of masks aren’t typically found in high street stores in the UK, so when I came across these in TK Maxx by chance, I had to grab these since it otherwise meant ordering Korean branded ones and waiting ages for them to be shipped to me. I definitely plan on trying out the different Korean brands, but for now I need to work through my stash.

So I picked these up for £4.99, and the box contains six sachets, so less than £1.00 a pair, which is pretty nice. The box that the sachets sit in is slightly deceiving since the sachets are very thin and don’t need even half the width of the box, so I definitely argue that the box could have been manufactured to be thinner. However, since I will be recycling the packaging anyway, I will try not to complain too much.

Dermaticin Collagen Gel Patches

The patches themselves are curved to fit around the curve of the eye so they sit on the skin underneath the eye. Despite how the photo above shows you, the patches sit on more than just the under eye area on my face: it extends around over my cheekbones and also down slightly onto the cheeks. So I either have a really small face, or the patches are much bigger than they are presented to be.

The basic idea is to wear these on your clean skin for 30 minutes or overnight for six hours when you sleep. I personally wear them for as long as I want to, or until the patch feels dried out. I really like the cooling effect it has on the skin when you first apply them, and I love wearing these during the summer because of the brief satisfying coolness it left on the skin.

When I take them off the skin, my under eye area is left remarkably smooth. I don’t really have lines under my eyes yet, but the texture of the skin feels much more moisturised and supple. I love how pampered I feel afterwards. One gentle warning if you do try a product like these out is to be careful that you don’t catch your eyelashes when you apply it to the skin since it can feel uncomfortable if you try to look around or when you blink since you’ll notice the tug on the beds of your lashes.

Otherwise, I have no complaints. I love this product, to the point I don’t use them because I dread using them up. It’s just a shame they are so hard to get hold of because of TK Maxx’s unreliable stock. However, this isn’t a true complaint more of a whine.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it really means the world to me. I plan to post again very soon, and I hope you’ll consider reading it.

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