Review: Deep Action Shine Control Solution – PHA

Deep Action Shine Control Solution - PHA

Happy Friday! To round off the working week, I want to talk about a product that I picked up impulsively fairly recently. This is the Deep Action Shine Control Solution – PHA, which is a Superdrug exclusive brand. This 30ml bottle retails for £5.99, which is fairly affordable but for 30ml, isn’t super cheap for the amount. It’s a good gateway price tag for trying out topical solutions though, so like me, you can look at this like a tester for your skin to see how it reacts to different types of treatments.

There is also an AHA, BHA, PHA and Lactic Acid solution for brightening the skin as well, which also stood out to me on the shelves. But I found myself reaching for the PHA solution, as my skin is very oily, especially during the summer time. This means I’m really battling with excess oil, which lead to a shiny face. So it felt appropriate to try it out and bring it immediately into my skincare routine.

I had only seen PHA mentioned a couple of times before seeing it on the bottle, so if like me and you’re not super familiar with PHAs are, I want to link and quote from which have an article on the subject:

” PHA’s are similar to AHA’s in that they perform the same role of exfoliation, but unlike AHA’s, PHA’s are gentler on skin causing less irritation so common to many alpha hydroxy acids.”

Quoted directly from from their article on PHA’s.

I found this article in a quick Google search while stood in my local Superdrug in an attempt to quickly find some information on PHAs. I didn’t want to blindly buy a product or use an ingredient on my skin. My skin is a bit hit or miss with what or how much it reacts to, so I was both nervous and excited to try either of the two solutions. But I did feel more reassured from reading about PHAs that trying it should be fairly safe and comfortable.

As far as the product itself goes, it has one simple claim on the front of the bottle which reads as follows:

“Helps to reduce shine, soothe and hydrate”

So part of what makes PHA stands out from AHAs is the more gentle approach to exfoliating the skin, so for my oily-sensitive skin, PHAs stand out as the ideal compromise of oil-control yet soothing and gentle. The kind of balance I work with every day throughout the rest of my skincare routine.

The back of the bottle goes into a bit more detail, so I’ll quote that as well:

“Deep Action Extreme Shine Control Solution has been formulated to help reduce the appearance of pores and blemishes, whilst mattifying and leaving skin feeling hydrated and soothed after two weeks of use. Tested on spot-prone and combination skin.”

I have to admit, as much as I wish it did, I don’t find there’s a noticeable difference in the appearance of my pores. They’re still quite large and noticeable, but it is possible I’m just so self-conscious about them that they will always stand out to me. I think the pores where my cheeks and nose meet (that space underneath the under-eyes) look a little bit more refined and less noticeable. My skin for the past week is struggling with stubborn acne, which is caused by something else in my collection that I’m trying to root out, but started too recently for it to be this product.

One of the things to bear in mind, is even though PHAs are meant to be gentler for the skin than AHAs, your skin is still likely to have increased sensitivity to sunlight, and the bottle warns to use sunscreen while using this product and for the week after you stop using it. Of course, you should use sunscreen every day, but I wanted to make mention of this, and I respect that the brand made a point to mention this.

Over time, I find that the initial phase after applying my skincare until my excess oils start to show is longer than it used to be, so in a way it is mattifying. I only apply this once a day, so after that initial phase, the frequency of my oiliness has remained consistently the same. So I touch-up with mattifying powders or sheets to maintain my skin, still.

Deep Action Shine Control Solution - PHA

The formula itself is a watery-gel, leaning more on the watery side. It’s quite runny, so there is some urgency to apply this as soon as you dispense it. I dispense 2 pumps, with one pump at a time. I focus the product on my T-zone where my face is oiliest, then smooth out any remaining product onto my cheeks and jawline where it’s the least oiliest. It has a slightly medicinal scent to it, which over time I’ve gotten used to.

Deep Action Shine Control Solution - PHA

I skipped over it, but the packaging itself is fairly simple: a glass bottle with a hard plastic dispenser, and a clear hard plastic cap. The dispenser is one you press and it releases product from the nozzle. The cap has a decent amount of resistance to it when you pull it off, but I’m not certain it’d stay on if the bottle fell off a table, or if kept in a tight makeup/travel bag with other products moving around it.

I keep mine sat on top of my plastic acrylic drawers with my other skincare products, and haven’t traveled with it yet. I first started using it around the middle of June, so I’ve been using this product for just over a month.

Overall, this is a product I haven’t had negative experiences with, and some minor positive ones. When my acne eventually clears, it’s possible I’ll see more results regarding the condition of my pores. However, I expect to use this up by the end of summer, as I’m roughly a 1/3 of the way through my bottle. At the moment, I’m not decided on whether this is a product I’d repurchase, so it’s a verdict I expect to give when I empty the bottle. So if you’re curious, keep an eye out for my empties posts in the next month or so for my opinions.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and if you have any further questions, please feel free to comment.

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