Review: Creation’s Garden Oatmeal Facial Exfoliator 296ml


Creation’s Garden Oatmeal Exfoliator

Today I’m writing a post for you about a product I found by accident that I’m close to using up. So before I run out, I want to review this in case you find this to be something you’ll want to try out. This is a facial exfoliator by a brand I only found by accident called Creation’s Garden when I was shopping in TK Maxx, which is where I bought this product for £5.99. As someone who has oily skin, exfoliators are a friend of mine as when used efficiently in your skincare routine, can really help make a difference with keeping my pores clear and my skin smooth. What caught my attention was that it has oatmeal in it, which I’ve been inspired to use for my skin after watching Bubzbeauty’s video here where she explains that oatmeal is a skin-saver particularly if you have sensitive skin. Bubz uses plain oatmeal that you would use to make porridge with, but since I live in a student flat where this could be too messy, I decided if I could find an alternative that uses oatmeal, then I would give it a try. So when I stumbled across this, I just knew I had to try it!

For starters, the tube is very big, so not ideal for travelling with. You won’t be able to fit this into a travel bag, unless you squeeze from this tube into a travel sized one. I haven’t brought this back with me when I visit my family throughout the summer, and just leave it in my flat to use when I’m working on the weekends. However, while the size of the tube isn’t very practical, for the 296ml (yep, weird number but that’s what it says on the tube…) it does last a long time. I don’t use very much at a time, and it has lasted around 6 months when used around 2-3 times a week, although less so over the past 2 months while I’ve been away.

Handy instructions on the back of the tube.

Handy instructions on the back of the tube.

The product itself is very simple to use, just like a standard scrub, you squeeze the tube and the product comes out. I tend to use this when I’m having a bath since I’ll wash my hair – and any excess from my face so I avoid any residue this way. I haven’t tried using it when I’m not bathing, so I can’t say how easy it is to wash off, but from swatching it on my hand, I suggest being as persistent as you can without irritating your skin since just running my hand under the tap to wash it off, there was still a thin layer on my hand afterwards. However, I’m not sure if this is the same when used on the face.

Swatch of the exfoliator.

Swatch of the exfoliator.

The product itself is quite a thick cream with exfoliating bits as you can see from my photo above. I normally don’t like anything with a creamy texture, but this wasn’t too heavy on the skin if I use around half the amount I have swatched on my hand in the photo. Despite being a cream, it didn’t clog my pores, although I can’t say it de-clogged them either. At most it helped remove the worst amounts of flakiness on my skin, which is still a plus for me. I didn’t find the exfoliating particles to be too harsh either, despite being quite big, which I think is helped by the creamy texture allowing them to move over the skin, enough to remove the flaky top layer of skin but not being overpowering and scratching the skin.

Overall, this isn’t a bad product. It doesn’t stand at the top of my list of scrubs I’ve tried as far as quality goes, but at the same time it isn’t the worth either. It hasn’t irritated my skin in any obvious way, and has at times felt very soothing when my hay fever sent my skin into freak-out mode. It isn’t ideal for travelling with, but looks nice in my bathroom next to my shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. It didn’t break the bank either which is great since it allows me experiment with skincare while not running up an overdraft with my bank account (seriously, I am so proud of myself for avoiding it in my 2 years of uni so far).

Will I buy this again? Not right now. The concept of oatmeal in my skincare routine still intrigues me a lot, but I think I’ll experiment with real oats when I finish uni and either move back home to my parent’s or find my own flat outside of student lets. I have plenty of scrubs stashed away to try out so unless they fail me, I’m enjoying experimenting to see what works with my skin, and what may work for you guys to try out too.

Have you heard of this brand too? I have their Vitamin C cream which I’m testing at the moment, but otherwise this brand was only introduced to me this year. Would you consider giving this a try? I would love to read about your thoughts and opinions. Or if you have any suggestions for a good face scrub, I’d love to hear about it, and I’m sure other people do too.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and if you have time and feel like checking out my other posts, I’d really appreciate it.

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