Review: Collection Blush

Review: Collection Blush  
A while ago I mentioned one of the Collection blushes in my post for makeup when feeling under the weather, which I will leave the link here. Now that some time has passed, I’ve had a chance to decide if the two shades I own are up for the task and whether I would recommend them for anyone else. You can find these in both Boots and Superdrug, for £2.99 each, although I would keep an eye out for special offers since both stores tend to offer sales on this brand. The two colours I own are Shocking and Cheeky, the first being a bold pink, and the latter a soft coral-orange shade.

Review: Collection Blush For the price, the packaging of these products aren’t terrible, the clear lid (which has the name of the shades on the front) closes shut with a simple snap, and I’ve yet to have an experience where the lid has popped open or failed to close and stay closed properly. The clear lid definitely helps with making each one easily identifiable, which is something I like.

Review: Collection Blush Out of the two shades I own (there four in total on the Superdrug website, with separate links, I’ve included the two I own in the post), I can easily say that Shocking is the one I prefer. Although I talked about Cheeky in a blog post a little while ago, I found it was much too warm for pale and neutral-cool skin tone, and definitely think it suits warmer undertones than mine. Shocking on the other hand is slightly more flattering undertone-wise, but because I am pale, I do have to be careful with how I apply it. As my photo above shows, it is definitely pigmented when swatched using your fingers. Of course, I don’t apply it with my fingers, I use my blush brush, but even still, I definitely need to use a light hand, and suggest building this up very gradually, especially if you are paler in skin tone like myself.

Review: Collection Blush  
The staying power of this blush isn’t amazing, but I find during the spring and summer that it’s hard for powder products to really last. However, I don’t consider this to be an entirely terrible thing. If for example you accidentally over apply the product, you can at least rely on the product gradually fading to a more suitable application later in the day, which honestly, is making the best of an unfortunate situation. Although I have to say, Shocking is much more suited for skin tones of deeper colour, although if you are fairer in skin tone, I wouldn’t scrap this colour as an option, it just takes a bit of work.

Overall, this isn’t a terrible product. For the price you pay, you get more than your money’s worth: the product has decent although not impressive staying power, the pigmentation is substantial, and the packaging has yet to fail to do its job. I think Cheeky is a great warmer summer shade, and great for anyone new with makeup, since it’s not too difficult to work with, but Shocking is perhaps less ideal for the inexperienced – although great for practice is another way to look at it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it really means the world to me. If you have any suggestions for good blush products, I would love to hear about them.

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  1. I can understand what you mean about lasting power in summer! However I agree that for the price you can’t really complain 🙂 This was a great review ^.^ I’d love it so much if you took a look at my beauty channel 🙂

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