Review: Clearasil Daily Clear Superfruits Refreshing Pads


Today I’m going to review a product that I’ve seen multiple times in my local Boots and Superdrug, but had otherwise left alone until recently. The Clearasil Superfruits Refreshing Pads are exfoliating pads in a small tub, which claim to “exfoliate and cleanse your skin to help keep skin clear”. The reason they keep catching my eye is because they’re basically a non-messy exfoliator: it’s not a scrub or gel which can be messy and time consuming, and seems like a lazy/busy (take your pick, I know which one I am haha) person’s best friend. At the moment it costs £2.71 in Boots at 1/3 of the normal price, so for the budget-conscious like myself, it’s basically saying “buy me and don’t feel guilty about it”.


As you can see, the pads themselves are approximately the size of my palm, with a curved in-dent to make it easy to separate the pads. Note: I have what many people consider to be tiny hands. Just worth remembering… There are supposed to be roughly 65 pads in each tub so these should last you a long time. It says on the tub to use both morning and night everyday, but since I don’t normally exfoliate twice a day or even every single day, I used these on days when I felt like my skin needed a pick-me-up between using my current exfoliating scrub. As the name implies it has “superfruits” like cranberries and raspberries which are rich in anti-oxidants as well as vitamin B3 which “increase production of ceramides and fatty acids, two key components of your skin’s outer protective barrier.” This means that “skin is better able to keep moisture in and irritants out” (link will be listed at the end of the post). Sounds like useful stuff right?

There is also the acne fighting ingredient salicylic acid, which is a well known ingredient in many skin care products aimed at tackling oily and acne-prone skin. Another awesome feature! My only issue with the ingredients that I can confidently point out, as I’ll explain later on, is that there is alcohol (alcohol denat) which my skin doesn’t respond well to. You can definitely smell the alcohol as soon as you open the tub, which is a turn off for me. For anyone with sensitive skin that responds to perfume, then you may want to give these a miss as it does have perfume on the ingredients list as well.

As for how it reacted to my skin, it works well to exfoliate any dead skin or flakiness on the surface of the skin, which is great since my skin does feel smoother after I use the pads. I only use it on my nose, chin and forehead since although my skin is oily all over, my nose, chin and forehead are the oiliest areas of my face. While my skin was left smoother, it didn’t respond well to the alcohol and left my skin also feeling very sore and red afterwards. Which is a huge shame as these pads are otherwise a useful little thing to have in my skin care routine. I’ve used these pads three times (to see if it was a one-off reaction) and each time had an issue so I’ve stopped using them now. If your skin doesn’t react badly to alcohol although I don’t suggest using products with alcohol in them because of the over-drying effect it can have – but that’s your judgement call – then I wouldn’t let my bad reaction stop you. However, if you think it will cause a negative reaction then I suggest giving these a miss.

Overall, this product seems like a great idea, especially for students on a budget because they are so cheap, and promise to look after your skin. I personally won’t be buying these again, and have instead offered them to my Mum who’s skin is less sensitive than mine, so for me it’s not a total loss. If any brands sell a product like this without the alcohol or perfume in it, then I will happily give them a try, as this will make my morning skin care routine much quicker and a little easier to maintain.

Have you tried this product? Did it work well for you? I’d love to hear your opinions, and any suggestions and tips for skin care that you think is worth checking out. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and I hope it was enjoyable.


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