Review: Clarins Hydra Quench Cream

Today I would like to talk about a product that’s been sitting waiting for attention for several months now. This is the Clarins Hydra Quench Cream, in a sample size that I received sometime around October/November last year at an event in Boots. My sample has 5ml of product, but the full size has 50ml, and retails in Boots for £35. I personally would not spend this much money on a single skin care item, but since I received this as a sample, I thought this might be worth a try and see if it changes my mind.


The cream is aimed at normal to dry skin, so not a range I would normally look at. I have oily skin that is also slightly sensitive, so moisturisers aimed at drier skin automatically turns me off. But, like I said, I’m open to experimenting so I decided to see if this would make a positive difference for my skin. I personally don’t like using creams, so the texture of this moisturiser already has a factor I normally would avoid, but I still gave it a try in case it was a more watery based cream instead of a thick one.

One of the features I do like is that it has SPF 15, which I like because since it is now summer in the UK (and we’ve actually had consistent sunny weather), any SPF is a lot better than none. As the sample was chosen for an event around October/November, this product is ideal in winter weather when skin tends to become drier and craving more moisture. Although I’m using this in the summer, I still think this moisturiser can be used year-round, but is effective for most people when their skin is drier like in the winter months.

The packaging of my sample is different from the full size product which I’ll link here, which in a way is very convenient as the small tube I have is easier to travel with than the jar of the full sized product. The jar on the website looks very luxurious and matches the ‘higher’ end look that the brand aims for. I think it looks lovely, although since I’m not fussed about buying only expensive looking skin care, this factor doesn’t bother me very much.


Above is the swatch of the cream on the back of my hand. As I half expected, the cream is very thick, and even after smoothing the swatch over my hand, it took several minutes for it absorb fully into my skin. And on my face it took even longer to absorb and my face felt like there was a greasy layer constantly on my skin. It’s a shame as oily skin needs moisture as well as normal and dry skin, but this felt like it was too much for my skin to handle. Strangely, it felt like it was heavier than my normal night time moisturiser, or most hand creams from my experience of swatching it on my hand.

Unfortunately, this moisturiser didn’t work well with my skin because of the thick and heavy consistency. However, for anyone with dry skin or any dry patches, this moisturiser would work very well with their skin. It didn’t cause my skin any negative reactions like rashes or breakouts, so anyone with mildly sensitive skin like myself are likely to tolerate it as well. It really is a shame that this particular product didn’t work well for me, however, if I do get hold of samples from other brands like this, I won’t be turned away from trying them.

Have you tried this moisturiser? Has it worked well for you? I’d love to hear your opinions.

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