Review: ChapStick Flava Craze Lip Balm

ChapStick Flava Craze Lip Balm

I suppose lip balms are something we don’t put a lot of thought into. They’re the kind of thing you throw in to your bag or keep by your bedside and barely think about it even when you’re using it. But lip balms can make such a difference when they’re good. So today one I wanted to talk about is a lip balm I’ve been using since the beginning of 2016. This lip is by ChapStick, and is part of a three-set of lip balms called Flava Craze. I only kept this particular one, as although the flavours were more ‘exotic’ than your standard lip balms, this one in “Watermelon Splash” was the only one of the three that I liked. I originally bought the set back in Cardiff while I was still at university, but kept them stored away safe until I was ready to use them/one. I can’t find them specifically on Superdrug’s website anymore, which is a bit upsetting, but I wanted to review these anyway just in case ChapStick brings them back.

Lip Balm Box

The lip balm itself is a tiny little stick, which is great for keeping in your bag, although one thing I’ve learned with storing lip balms on your desk – especially if your desk is both your gaming/work and vanity space combined, is to avoid leaving this too close to warm electronics. They will melt easily, so if you can find a box to keep them in safe, or just keep them separate from your laptop/monitors/speakers, etc. The photo above is the little box I keep my lip balms in, which normally sits under my main monitor where I work and play.

What I didn’t realise until today and taking a closer look at the packaging is that this does have an SPF of 15, which was a pleasant and slightly frustrating surprise. Frustrating for me as I buy separate lip balms with SPF to make up for thinking this lip balm didn’t have any. Nicely done Hollypop, nicely done… This was part of a summer fruity lip balm collection, so really, I shouldn’t be so surprised, but I do want to mention this little factor anyway since apparently, I prove that it’s easy to miss.

The lip balm itself is a twist-up style balm, with a watermelon-pink balm. It does smell like artificial watermelon, so if you don’t like the scent then you may not like this particular flavour. I will emphasise though that the scent doesn’t linger on the lips when applied, although I understand if it is a turn-off. I specifically decluttered the two other flavours as their scents were not to my taste at all. I believe they were apple and orangey flavours which just didn’t sit well with me.

As for the how the balm itself works on the lips, it’s the kind of balm I have set aside for touching up moisture throughout the day. I did have my E.L.F. Soothing Lip Balm which I reviewed here, and I’ll explain in my September Empties post in the future why it’s no longer there, which was my night-time super-power lip balm for intense moisturising. This lip balm however is more forgiving as it doesn’t leave a super greasy feeling on the lips and is much more forgiving in terms of texture. With that said, this lip balm isn’t special in any kind of way, but it does do its job well, which all I really ask of it.

Would I repurchase this? While at the moment it doesn’t look like I can, if they sold this flavour as a separate lip balm, as I didn’t like the rest of the set, then yes, I would definitely find myself reaching for this during the late spring and summer times. It lasts a long time, I have made a serious dent on the lip balm, and there’s still so much left before I finish it. I actually think it’ll go bad before I use this up. I am curious to look into more of ChapStick’s products, as I used to just overlook them.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, I will have a new one up on Wednesday. I really appreciate the support you give me, and until then, please take care and I wish you all the happiness and good health in the world.

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