Review: Burt’s Bees Satin Lipstick

Burt's Bees Satin Lipstick

Happy Wednesday! Today I want to talk about my experiences using 2 shades of the Burt’s Bees Satin Lipsticks. I picked the lipsticks photographed above from my local Marks & Spencer for £10.00 each. This is on the higher end of what I would typically pay for individual lipstick, but I’ve been curious about Burt’s Bees as a brand for a while, so these were two shades I felt compelled to try out.

The shades I picked up are ‘501 Blushed Basin‘ and ‘524 Wine Wave‘ respectively, giving a good comparison of how one lighter shade and one deeper shade perform. I really like that the packaging indicates which shade is which, with the cute honeycomb cutout with the shade colour behind it, as well as the horizontal stripe.

While I typically colour-code my lipstick collection into vague colour families, this packaging design is really handy for anyone who likes to organise their lipsticks by brand, as they’re very easy to identify. It also makes it easier for me to make sure I place the right shade back in its spot in my collection as well, so my collection stays organised and logical for me.

It’s refreshing to see a cuboid-esque shape to the packaging as well, and it fits very nicely in my plastic acrylic display. The ones I use are designed with both nail polish and lipstick in mind, and so far none of the lipsticks in my collection come to mind as being unable to fit in the individual square slots.

Burt's Bees Satin Lipstick

In terms of the bullet, they’re initially tear-shaped, although as you can see from ‘501 Blushed Basin‘ I have worn down the shape quite a lot. This is from a combination of applying the lipstick to my lips, but also just cleaning up by swatching the bullet along a tissue just to clean away any residue that gets stuck to the bullet. ‘524 Wine Wave‘ however, still resembles the tear-shape as it’s the shade I’ve used the least of the two.

The tear-shape is really easy to work with and if you have a pronounced cupid’s bow, this tear-shape gives you a great shape to help control the application to provide definition to that area.

In my case, I have a slight cupid’s bow that can be defined, but it’s not super pronounced. So for me, the tear-shape is handy to help provide that precise application, but I don’t feel like this lipstick is suffering from having that shape wear down. This is something I experience with the shade ‘501 Blushed Basin‘ which has worn down quite a bit, and I find it still looks very wearable in spite of the bullet being more rounded out. I think in the case of deeper shades like ‘524 Wine Wave‘, the shape of the bullet might be more important to help create that crisp look.

Burt's Bees Satin Lipstick

The shades themselves are a bit different than how they appear on the packaging or the bullet itself.

501 Blushed Basin‘ has a cooler pink appearance on the packaging, which I don’t find is true to the actual shade, both swatched and applied to my lips. As you can see photographed above, it looks like a warmer pinky-peach, and shade I associate with spring and summer. It’s a shade I see myself wearing all year round, but it definitely has some thematic vibes with the warmer months. It’s also a fairly unique shade in my collection at the moment, as I typically pick up cooler tones, especially when it comes to my-lips-but-better shades.

524 Wine Wave‘ on the other hand really looks lighter and brighter than how it appears in the bullet. But I did find the bullet also looked darker than the packaging suggests, but the swatch is fairly close to it. This is the shade I really expected to wear the most in spite of my comfort zone, because the warmer tones of ‘501 Blushed Basin‘ are an exception to my normal shade choices.

On the lips, I find ‘501 Blushed Basin‘ is the most consistent on my lips, although my natural lip colour does let it be more forgiving. This has been one of my go-to shades lately as it’s very wearable and doesn’t attract a lot of attention to itself. It’s a nice break away from my normal choices, so I plan to keep this in my collection for the days I wear slightly warmer makeup looks.

524 Wine Wave‘ on the other hand wasn’t as consistent on my lips than I’d have liked. I’m still figuring out if that’s just the shade itself being inconsistent or if it’s my lips not being prepared enough. I did have higher expectations for this shade especially, but I plan to experiment more before I write this shade off entirely.

I do agree that the finish once on the lips is a satin-y appearance, although as the day goes on it looks more on the matte side, but doesn’t feel excessively drying. Drier lips may not agree, but at the moment, my lips aren’t on the dry side.

What I find with both shades is that while they’re both very creamy and easy to apply, they still cling to flakiness or dryness in unflattering ways. So make sure you prepare your lips properly beforehand.

Like with a lot of formulas, if you apply this directly on top of lip balm, it will dilute the pigmentation and make it inconsistent, which is something I’m bearing in mind especially with ‘524 Wine Wave‘.

Overall, I’ve had a mostly pleasant experience with this lipsticks. I’m not sure I’d pay £10.00 again for these individually, but if you can find them on-sale, I’d consider buying another shade then. I plan to keep ‘501 Blushed Basin‘ in my collection, and will be experimenting more with ‘524 Wine Wave‘ to see if I can make the shade work.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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