Review: Botanics Mattifying Cleansing Mousse Shine Away

A while ago I picked up this cleanser since I wanted to test out some different types of cleansers, and this was a long time before I gathered the courage to start blogging. I found this while browsing through  Boots and cost me £3.99 at the time, although it is sometimes on sale. As the name suggests, it is aimed for combination and oily skin, and claims to “dissolve excess oil and thoroughly cleanses to instantly mattify, refresh and rebalance”.


It has a pump dispenser, and lasted roughly three months before reaching a point where the pump can’t dispense anymore. The swatch on my hand is what little a single pump now dispenses, and I stopped using this product so I actually had enough to swatch to show you. The cleanser itself is a liquid inside the bottle (I shook the bottle to check…) but when dispensed it comes out as a foam. Although the swatch appears to show a large amount of product, it is actually around half the amount the pump normally dispenses when it’s full. Also, I have very small hands (as my friends love to remind me) so take this into consideration with the swatch photo.


As a cleanser, it works very well to clean the skin, although I only used it I when I showered since although it doesn’t happen often, I freak out if there’s any residue of the cleanser on my skin – I’m silly and panic for a second that something is badly wrong with my skin. Silly me. So, to avoid any residue from the cleanser I only used it in the shower as part of my evening routine. After I wash it off, my skin feels very clean and soft, although I suggest using the cleanser sparingly, since I found that using a full pump (so roughly double the amount that’s actually swatched on my hand) over cleansed my skin, and using less just about balanced it out. I’m not sure if that theory is actually true, but that’s how my skin reacted to this cleanser, so it’s a suggestion in case if you do try this product, if your skin reacts in a similar way.

Since I use this product in the evening since I tend to shower at night, it is difficult to judge how long it controls excess oil on the skin, however, what I can say is that when I was using this cleanser, my skin wasn’t as oily when I woke up compared to how it used to be before I started using the cleanser.

Overall this has been a nice cleanser: it cleans the skin very well, and for extremely oily skin it shouldn’t over cleanse skin. It has a foam formula which I still need to decide if foam cleansers are for me, I think I’ll try some other foam based cleansers at some point and then decide. The cleanser does last a while especially since like other products I’ve reviewed a little goes a long way, so considering how cheap it is, it lasts a long time so it doesn’t make a huge dent on your budget. This is particularly good if like myself you can’t afford high end products or spending money on skin care does have a budget cap. If that makes sense… Would I purchase this again? Most likely not, due to the fact I like to try out products all the time once I use something up (if my skin doesn’t react badly). Also I’m undecided on whether I like the foam formula, but I want to try other foam based cleansers before I decide to avoid being biased.

Have you tried this cleanser yet? Or are you considering buying it? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

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