Review: Botanical Lab Pumpkin & Papaya Enzyme Daily Exfoliator

Botanical Lab Pumpkin & Papaya Enzyme Daily Exfoliator

Happy Monday, today I want to talk about a relatively new skincare product in my night time skincare routine, the Botanical Lab Pumpkin & Papaya Enzyme Daily Exfoliator, which is sold in Superdrug. This product retails for £5.99 at full price, so quite affordable in my opinion. I was really attracted to this product as my COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner was running out. I was looking for a replacement, so when I saw this by chance in-store, you can likely imagine my excitement as it aims to do similar things, while being available in person, which COSRX sadly isn’t for me.

Addressing this now, rather than later, the brand claims to be vegan friendly, but I’m a bit unsure whether it’s cruelty-free. As you might be aware, about 2 months ago I started transitioning to cruelty-free brands only (my existing purchases remain as I can’t afford to replace everything, but I’m happy to disclose when this is the case in my posts) and this is a product I bought just before this time. The brand claims on their website that they are cruelty-free under the F.A.Q. question regarding the topic, but because they’re not listed on familiar and trustworthy organisations, it’s up to you to decide whether you trust their claim or not. I think this is worth addressing now as I understand that for many who pursue a cruelty-free lifestyle or spending habits, if you’re looking for a quick answer to this question, this is what I can provide.

The product itself is packaged in a slender plastic bottle with a conventional black cap you pour the product out from. The design choices are apt for the line of skincare, with orange and white being a fresh and attractive combination that also connects with it’s headline ingredients of pumpkin and papaya. While I’m not attracted to products from packaging design alone, I do appreciate the thought that went into it, and it is pleasing on the eye.

I wanted to photograph the claims on the back of the bottle, but the bottle is too slender, so I’m going to quote them for you:

Pumpkin & Papaya Enzyme Daily Exfoliator with fruit extracts, light exfoliates to remove dead skin cells. Specially formulated to a pH suitable for blemish-prone skin. It unclogs and resurfaces to renew skin, leaving it soft and radiant.

Formulated with:

Pumpkin & Papaya Enzymes, Aloe Vera, Blend of AHA + BHA Acids

So it’s designed to be a daily exfoliator with ingredients that not only help do this job, but also soothe the skin, which you see in the presence of aloe vera. It also says along the bottom of the bottle to use sunscreen alongside this product, as it will leave your skin more sensitive to the sun, so this is worth bearing in mind.

As I mentioned briefly at the start, I use this as part of my night time routine as the first step. Application is very simple: I pour this onto a cotton round then very gently swipe over my skin. I always avoid my under eyes and eyelids with this product, but it fills the spot in my routine as a cleanser and toner step(s).

One of the major concerns I have with AHA and BHA products is whether my skin will be irritated or become more sensitive to it, and I’m excluding sensitivity to the sun as that’s a given. So far, my oily-sensitive skin has been fine, but during days I do have irritated areas to my face, I avoid applying this product over it as most skincare makes it worse. However, it hasn’t caused any irritation so far so I’m quite happy with that.

The experience applying this on my skin is quite interesting as it makes my skin tingle when it absorbs into my skin. Compared to the COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner, I feel an immediate impact on my skin because of the tingling. The tingling feeling is not a negative thing and feels similar to if there was bubbles under my skin being formulated under my skin: it’s more like tickling than scratching or irritation.

Because it’s intended as a daily treatment, the impact on my skin has been a bit tricky to measure because it’s not meant to be instant or obvious. But I do notice that my pores are clearer for longer, although this might be because it’s in combination with a few other products I’m using at the moment. Nonetheless, my skin is clearer and feels clean after using this, and because I haven’t had any irritation, I feel like this is fitting nicely into my routine.

I think this is a product that would work for a lot of people, but if you are nervous to use AHAs or BHAs too often, you may find using this intermittently would work better. For example, using it every other day or twice a week instead, so instead of being a daily treatment, spread it out to work with your skin’s needs better.

Overall, I’m quite happy with this product’s performance with my skin. While I’m apprehensive to buy more from the brand right because of the question mark over their cruelty-free status, I do suggest this product if this isn’t a concern to you or you believe their claim. Right now I’m still figuring out how I feel on the issue so I’m on the fence. But that’s a very personal issue so don’t let my personal feelings hold you back if you happen to feel a certain way.

With that said, thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, and I hope you are happy and healthy.

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