Review: Boots Conditioning Nail Polish Remover Pads

Boots Conditioning Nail Polish Remover Pads  
I think it’s fair to say that sometimes you can’t resist the easy option. That can also include when removing nail polish. I’m personally very lazy when it comes to my nails. In fact, most of the time I forget to paint my nails altogether. But, when I do paint my nails, they need to be removed at some point, and sometimes I don’t want to mess around with nail polish remover and cotton balls – which is why I bought the product I’m reviewing today. This is the Boots own-brand Conditioning Nail Polish Remover Pads (for some reason I can’t find this specific product on their website), which can be purchased for £1.50.

This product has 15 thin circular pads, which are meant to remove nail polish while conditioning the nails. The product claims to “remove nail polish quickly and with no fuss”, which for those lazy moments, is ideal. I think it’s odd the product has 15 pad, considering you have 10 digits, so in my opinion it makes sense to have 20 pads, so you get two separate occasions to use the product. But that’s just me blabbing on.

Boots Conditioning Nail Polish Remover Pads  
As far as their efficiency goes, they do the job. The pads are soaked with nail polish remover, so it leaves a really greasy residue afterwards. Personally, I find this to be a huge pain, since using normal polish remover and cotton balls can be fussy enough. But at least you can’t pour the nail polish remover everywhere like I’ve done on more than a few occasions (I’m clumsy, okay? Hehe…). It does take a good deal of scrubbing to get all of the nail polish off my nails, and sometimes it takes more than one single pad for one nail.

Honestly, for the price you pay, my expectations weren’t super high. It works as an alternative, but for normal occasions I’ll stick to my nail polish remover and cotton balls. I think I’ll consider reinvesting in these for travel purposes, since I can see this product being great if you’re going on holiday – I mean, who wants to pack their bottle of nail polish remover and cotton balls in their suitcase? Overall, I don’t plan on repurchasing unless it’s for that kind of event.

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