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As I’m sure many of my returning readers are aware, I battle with the shared stress of oily skin – and keeping it in check so it doesn’t flare up issues like an uncomfortable and shiny complexion, and the potential problems of clogged pores and acne. I try my best not to overload my skin with too many oil and acne fighting products – as they often can be over drying or just knock your skin’s balance out of whack, which can lead to the problems I’ve already mentioned. On top of that, like many other people, I also have to handle sensitivity with my skin, so that adds a whole other issue to contend with as many products aimed at dealing with oily skin can be simply too harsh for my skin. With all this considered, it’s the reason why I picked up The Body Shop Seaweed Pore Perfector many many months back. I reviewed the The Body Shop Tea tree Pore Minimizer a looong time ago, which you can read here, and since then have decided to try the equivalent from their seaweed line. I couldn’t find the specific product on the brand’s website, but from memory, it retails for approximately £8.00.

So what does this product claim to do? Well:

Reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and helps combat blemishes.

Unclogs pores, helps combat blemishes. With cinnamon and bumet (?) extracts to help reduce the appearance of dilated pores and Community Trade seaweed to condition.

I’m going to tackle these one by one, since I want to be just, and discuss this product in some detail. First of all, I can’t say I’ve noticed a huge difference in the size of my pores after using this product – they’re not always largely noticeable anyway but I don’t feel like for me, it makes a huge difference. As for combating blemishes, I think that comes down to how my skin is behaving on a hormonal level a lot of the time – with typical female hormone fluctuations and then my stress levels varying, I tend to find a lot of my acne and blemish issues stem from this more than excess oils clogging my skin. So it’s hard for me to really say if the product itself made a difference. I know with the summer creeping in and making my skin even oilier lately, keeping oil levels under control is definitely a bigger factor now, but it’s still hard to say that this product combats this to a large extent.

As for unclogging pores, I can’t say it does. I don’t use this as a pore cleanser, but I think it works well as a preventative measure. As for conditioning my skin, I think this product certainly does a mildly good job of doing that. I use this over the oiliest areas of my face: so my forehead, nose and chin and I find it helps soften the skin and reduce my oil secretion for a little bit longer than if I didn’t use the product at all.


As for the product itself, it is a gel based product, and smooths nicely over the skin. A little does go a long way, so although I’ve been using this product almost every day for the past 5-6 months, I’m only just coming towards using it up. For me this is great value for money since it is slightly more expensive than some other skin care products you can find in the drug store. I personally like the gel based consistency as I tend to steer away from cream-based products if I can, and I don’t find this to clog my pores.

Being realistic though, this is a product I consider to be a supplement in your routine: as in, this isn’t going to change your skin drastically, but if worked into a skin care routine effectively, it can work well with other parts of your routine and your skin to really do the best it can for your skin. So, although I’m not screaming huge amounts of hype for this product, I do think it’s a decent product. I don’t get my hopes up anticipating magical products – I know I’ll be disappointed if I do, but I do recommend this product for anyone with oily areas on their face, whether that ranges from mild oiliness to more severe and just experiment with how it works best in your routine, and which areas of your face you apply it to. As summer is coming in, I’m starting to use this between my nose and cheeks where I’m getting more oil production there, and my skin seems to be adjusting well to it.

Over all, this is a very nice product and like I’ve already said, one I would suggest for people battling oily skin. It’s not extremely expensive and can definitely be made to last for a long time, which I have managed to do. The bottle is also very compact and great for travelling or just not taking up large amounts of space on your vanity.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it truly truly means the world to me. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter where you can see what I get up to, and until then, I wish you good health.

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