Review: Blistex MedPlus Cherry Berry Lip Balm

Blistex MedPlus Cherry Berry Lip Balm

Happy Friday! To round the week off, I want to talk about the Blistex MedPlus Cherry Berry Lip Balm that has been sat on my desk for the past month or so. I bought this from Boots, although it’s not currently listed on their website. So without further ado, let’s have a chat about this little product.

So off the bat, the packaging: there’s nothing special about this lip balm, as it’s a twist-up balm with a cap you just pull off. The cap has a satisfying amount of resistance before it pops off, and takes just enough effort that I feel confident the cap will not pop off. In my many clumsy moments of elbowing the lip balm off my desk and onto the floor, the cap has never come off, so in that regard, I’m really happy at how secure the packaging is. The twist-up mechanism is easy to use, and the product is extremely generous as it seems most of the tube is just the product sitting on top of the twist-up plate that pushes it up. So another factor I really like is that Blistex didn’t give us less in spite of the packaging having room for more product.

Blistex MedPlus Cherry Berry Lip Balm

As for the lip balm itself, while it has the appearance of being pigmented, sort of, it’s an entirely clear balm, and the only appearance it gives on the lips is the reflective sheen of just sitting on the lips. When I first bought this, I expected it to be a slightly pigmented cherry-burgundy shade (matching its namesake) but I was surprised that it wasn’t, and also quite relieved. I like pigmented lip balms, as I have a couple in my collection, but when I grabbed this product out of my stash around a month and a half-ish ago, I was looking for a clear lip balm to keep around my desk.

As far as quality goes, it works really well as a pre-makeup conditioning balm, and for touch-ups throughout the day. So I never planned to use this in the winter as it simply isn’t heavy-duty enough. I have other lip balms in my stash I can use when winter comes around again.

So for me, I move this between my desk and the bedroom where I use as I start applying my skincare, and by the time I’m ready to finish up my makeup (lipstick is usually one of my last steps) the lip balm has almost fully absorbed and my lips feel soft, conditioned and ready for lip products to adhere and apply much more nicely than without the lip balm.

For days that I’m not wearing makeup, I find myself reapplying this lip balm every 2-3 hours, which does mean I work through this lip balm fairly quickly. But I’ve been using this multiple times a day, every day for nearly 2 months and I my estimation is that I have another 2 weeks worth of product left in the tube. So as far as longevity of the product goes, I’m really impressed.

So if you are in the UK and you see this in Boots and you need a lip balm like this one, I do suggest picking it up. I’m not sure if Boots still stock this specific lip balm or if their website is just outdated, but it’s a handy little lip balm that works really well throughout these humid and hot months.

Thank you so much for reading my review of the Blistex MedPlus Cherry Berry Lip Balm, it means a lot to me to receive your support. If you have any questions about this product, please let me know. Otherwise, I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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