Review: Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream

Review: Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream While I normally don’t buy products you can get from the department store, today I have an exception as I will be reviewing the Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream. I’m not really sure Benefit cosmetics really count as an exclusively department store brand, as you can buy Benefit from drugstore/high street chain Boots in the UK, but the price range is dramatically more expensive than the typical drugstore/high street brands like Max Factor, L’OREAL and others. It’s because of the price of this brand that I almost rarely buy them, since up until recently I was a student and even now I’m not, I still have a limited budget. However, back during December in the lead up to Christmas, Boots set up a 4 for £10 on sample sized versions of some of their products when bought with a stocking, so I indulged on some of them for my Mum was Christmas, as well as a few for myself to try out.

Review: Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream  
What I have here is the sample size of their eye cream, which I also bought one for Mum. At full price in the full sized version, this eye cream retails in Boots for £25.50, which is definitely outside of my price range. I have to admit, the size of the jar is so cute! And the detail of the indentation definitely gives a higher end look and feel, although honestly, packaging is definitely not a big deal to me as long as it does its job. Although, I can’t deny that it looks lovely, so I’ll give credit where it’s due, albeit not high on my priorities.

Review: Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream  
The cream itself is quite thin in texture, but for a sample size I’ve been using consistently for the past 2 months at least, a little has managed to go a long way, and I still have a lot left in this tiny jar. So I’m definitely impressed with that. I do have to admit, that despite my tiny hands and fingers, the size of the jar is tiny enough that dabbing my ring or little finger inside can be tricky to reach. However, when I reach the point where I can’t reach with my fingers anymore, I think I’ll use cotton buds to scoop out the product until it’s all gone. Hollypop avoids waste, hehe.

As for the “potent”-cy of the eye cream itself (yea I went there…) I can’t say it’s done a dramatic change for my eye area. I smooth this over my under eye area and the left overs gently over my eyelid. It definitely helps to create a slightly smoother texture on my under eye area, but as for any change to my dark circles (when I have them) I can’t really say I would label this cream as really helping – that’s normally helped by a good restful nights sleep, which as an (recovering/relapsing) insomniac, can be hit and miss, so I tend to see the difference when I do get it.

Would I repurchase this eye cream? At its full price? No… While it is a nice eye cream, it doesn’t make a dramatic enough difference for me to make spending £25.50 worthwhile. However, my Mum after using the one I gifted her for Christmas, thanked me again for buying it for her as she said she really enjoyed it. But again, she said it’s a shame the price point is so high since spending that much on an eye cream doesn’t incentivise her either to repurchase. For now, I’m happy to keep using up this sample size I have, but once I run out, I will happily carry on experimenting finding an eye cream that’s better suited for me.

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