Review: Belle Amie Hydrogel Collagen Eye Patch

Happy Monday! Today I want to review a product that’s been sitting in my desk drawer, sort of hidden away for a little while now. This is the Belle Amie Hydrogel Collagen Eye Patches, and is an old purchase from eBay. I don’t remember exactly when I bought these or for how much, but it’s definitely quite a historical purchase for me.

These currently sit in one of my desk dividers with a sheet of the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch, where I can reach for them at a moment’s notice when I feel like using them. Admittedly, as they’re tucked away at the very back of the drawer, I do neglect them quite a lot, but I’ve been making more effort to use them more.

As this is one of my older purchases, I didn’t buy this during my actively cruelty-free consumer habits. The brand also seems to be fairly obscure, as I can’t find any reliable information about the brand’s cruelty-free status. So I’m going to assume they’re not as a matter of caution, although if you want to approach the situation differently, I respect that completely.

Belle Amie Hydrogel Collagen Eye Patch

So the product itself is a pot of 60 eye patches. I’m not sure if this means 30 pairs or 60, but I assume the former. The patches are laid in two halves that curve around each other, maximising the rounded shape of the container very well. As someone who values ergonomics and optimally used packaging, this is immediately a positive: the tub the patches are sat in is slightly larger than the size of my palms, bearing in mind that I have quite petite hands. So it doesn’t take up a lot of space, but is also appropriately sized to contain the patches themselves.

Belle Amie Hydrogel Collagen Eye Patch

As you may have noticed, there is also a spatula that comes with the product, which I use every time I separate patches to then apply them to my under-eyes. I do have a pack of spatulas in my tools drawer on my vanity, so whether this came with a spatula or not, I would have one to use. However, I do appreciate that this one came with it. I bought mine knowing I’d likely misplace the ones that do come with the products I purchase, so I’m overly prepared in that regard. But I don’t expect everyone to approach it the same way as me, so I think providing one for the consumer is another positive in my books.

It’s very petite, roughly the length of my middle finger – again, I have small hands and short fingers – and sits comfortably on top of the tub when the lid is on. It does often fall off when in my drawer as the motion of opening and closing the drawer as part of my normal day to day moves it around, but it’s easy to locate again inside the drawer divider.

Belle Amie Hydrogel Collagen Eye Patch

The patches themselves are on the large side compared to others I’ve tried, although I do have a fairly petite face. As you can see, it overlaps from my under-eyes onto my cheeks. The corners that sit under the inner-corner of the eyes are quite rounded, so I have to move the patch lower down my under-eye to avoid it sitting on my eyes. I prefer eye patches that have a slightly more pointed/tapered inner corner shape, but it’s not a huge turn-off overall.

Belle Amie Hydrogel Collagen Eye Patch

So proportionally, it’s a bit awkward on my face, but I don’t really mind. I typically wear them for about 20-30 minutes while wearing a facial sheet mask on top, as part of my a pampering routine to help me wind down at night. That’s why the lighting can look a bit strange or inconsistent, as I wanted to avoid wasting patches.

The patches are a bit strange compared to what I’m used to, as they feel very gelatinous, and almost ‘slimy’ to the touch. As someone who grew up vegetarian and didn’t really eat gelatinous sweets or other foods, it’s a bit weird to handle these patches, but it’s not off-putting anymore. They don’t feel strange on the face either: they adhere to the skin quite well.

Unlike other facial sheet masks or eye patches, this isn’t drenched in serum, so this is much easier to work with. I don’t need to worry about messy fingers during and after placing them on my skin, and can remove these quickly and fuss-free because there’s no excess serum on my fingers or face.

I don’t mind the little extra work to smooth out the serum as I just pat it down, but if you prefer a fuss-free experience, I think these will be up your alley if you aren’t bothered by the gelatinous texture.

My under-eyes do feel smoother and moisturised after using these patches, although it’s not a replacement for my eye cream as it only treats my under-eye area and not the entire eye area. But these are fun to use, and help me to slow down at night time and prepare for sleep. So a great pampering step and a mandatory slow-down as I’m the kind of person who struggles to be idle.

Overall, I do like these eye patches, but as I don’t know if they’re cruelty-free, I won’t be repurchasing them until I can find reliable information on the brand. If you’re not an actively cruelty-free consumer and you’re intrigued by these patches, I’d suggest looking them online. I will be using these up, so it’ll probably take me at least several months to work through them.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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