Review: B. Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleansing Wipes

B. Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleansing Wipes

Happy Wednesday! Today I want to talk about a slightly different type of product today, which is the B. Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleansing Wipes. I’ve talked about makeup wipes, and I’ve talked about using eye makeup pads as brush cleaners, but I don’t recall ever talking about wipes specifically for cleaning brushes. I picked these up about a year ago in a 3 for 2 offer with their makeup brush shampoo and the Real Techniques Makeup Brush Cleansing Gel, and typical me, I kept them so well organised in a box that I forgot I had them.

This product feels a little bit weird to review right now, as when I search for this product on Superdrug’s website… It’s not there. They claim it’s been discontinued, but I’ve seen this in-store relatively recently, so I’m not sure if they’re definitely removing it or if it might come back, so if your local store hasn’t sold out of these or removed them from the shelves, you may still find them. So I want to talk about them nonetheless.

So to start off, the packaging is so similar to conventional makeup wipes that it’s easy to mistake these for them. And while I can’t remember specifically, I may have done just that when I bought these. When I pulled these out of my stash, I thought I was pulling out a spare bag of makeup wipes and then realised… No, they’re not for the skin. So while I normally used Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover Pads and Superdrug’s own-brand eye makeup remover pads, when I realised these had been sat away in a storage box, I decided to try these out when I used up my last packet of eye makeup remover pads.

The conventional packaging is easy to store and relatively efficient, but be careful to make sure you’re sealing the wipes properly once you’ve pulled one out of the bag. I’ve had to throw entire bags of makeup wipes away before because I didn’t seal it properly and within a few days the wipes dry out.

I also encourage you to ignore the weird debris that’s collected on my bag: it’s not indicative of the product at all. During the time my wipes were stored away in a storage box with other cosmetics products, something leaked inside the box and it’s made this bag and a few other products that were in the box sticky and looking a little bit messy.

B. Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleansing Wipes

So how are these wipes meant to be used? The back of the bag reads as follows:

“Directions for use: Gently swirl soiled makeup brushes on a wipe until all dirt and residue appears to have been removed. If required, swirl the cleaned brush on a dry sheet of tissue paper to remove excess moisture prior to storage. Allow brush to air dry before next use.”

B. Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleansing Wipes

So it’s relatively straight forward, and for me, this is my daily step after I’m done applying makeup. This doesn’t replace proper brush cleaning, but it’s a sanitary step. I wash my makeup brushes properly once a week instead as some of my face brushes don’t dry fast enough to make this work daily. Above is a photo of one of the wipes before I use it, with a few of the brushes I used today for applying my makeup. These brushes include a stipple brush I used to apply my setting powder, a blush brush, some eyeshadow brushes and the ‘eyeliner’ shaped brush from my current brow kit.

B. Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleansing Wipes

The wipes look pretty generic, but provide a lot of space to swirl your brushes over if you use a lot of brushes on a day-to-day basis. The wipe is quite thin so compared to my experience with eye makeup remover pads, I was initially discouraged. However, with time, this hasn’t really shown to mean anything, other than not seeing the transfer of colour as easily.

The photo above is an ‘after’ take of the same wipe after I cleaned my brushes off on the wipe. On the top left I wiped off my stipple brush – not a lot of evidence but you may notice the flattened area where I swirled the brush. Slightly to the right is where I swirled my blush brush. I didn’t really see any pigment transfer and the brush still has some of the remaining blush pigment on it but I found this was the case with the eye makeup remover pads as well. So I think this brush is just particularly stubborn and only really gets truly clean when I do my weekly brush cleaning sessions. On the bottom half central section, is where I wiped of my various eyeshadow brushes. I don’t expect a ton of pigment to show up since I went with a barely-there eyeshadow look today, using skin tone shades and a very pale taupe. Where you really see evidence is where I cleaned off the brow brush: the various lines and dragging off the pigment on each side of the brush. It does clean the brushes for the most part, but my blush brush apparently hates being cleaned by wipes and pads.

The only significant gripe I have is the scent, these smell very clinical which is just not my cup of tea. I’m quite sensitive to scents and prolonged exposure to this scent gives me a headache – one I’ve accidentally induced during the time I’ve been writing this review since I’ve kept the wipes with me on the desk for reference. It’s something I can put up with during normal use though so while I call this a ‘gripe’ it’s not unbearable.

Otherwise, I quite like these wipes, so the next time I take a trip to Superdrug, I’m going to see for myself what’s happened to them. I would definitely recommend these, as B. Cosmetics are a cruelty-free and vegan brand, the former being quite important to me. If these are still around where you are, I think they’re worth considering, otherwise, I’m hoping B. Cosmetics is releasing something similar to replace them as I’m enjoying trying out products from this brand.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it means a lot to me. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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